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Wood Sculpting

Wood Sculpting

Wood can be used in sculpture in multiple ways; wood carving, wood turning and wood working are all methods of making sculpture from wood alone. As a medium wood is an excellent material due to the varieties available, the vast range of techniques an artist can use to make work, the choice of hard or soft wood, the ability to simply add new wood elements at all time during production or remove material during carving. Additionally many tools are available for the work to be made, and due to the materials everyday use it is easy to find tools and people with advice on fixings, preservatives etc.

Wood Carving
Carving is a technique that sees wood being worked by hand tools but has later been adapted into power tools with chainsaw carvings being produced. There are several hand tool methods that a wood sculptor would use, they are – Whittling, chip carving, relief, flat-plane, carpentry and caricature.

A process that uses a stationary tool to cut or shapes wooden objects that are rotating on a lathe, these methods can be used to create very intricate designs on wooden objects.

Wood Working
Wood working is the selected term for the use of wood to make an object, in terms of art sculpture this would be the chosen name for wood sculpture that has been constructed using nails, tacks or screws as its method of forming a shape with the wood. When making sculpture it is one of the more common methods when making a maquette of the work or a model for initial ideas.

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