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Sculpting Methods and Materials

  • Eco-Art: Sculptures to save the Planet

    Eco art or ecological art, is the name given to a movement among artists who create works with a specific goal in mind: saving the planet. Whether it be addressing plastic waste, deforestation, greenhouse emissions, poaching and destruction of natural habitats- the central message is the same. Our planet,...

  • Drawing Sculpture: Sketching & Planning

    Drawing Sculpture: Sketching & Planning Art begins with an idea. From there, a sketch, a draft or a plan. Often many drafts and many sketches, each refining the idea bit by bit. Once the idea is fully formed, then perhaps, work begins on the final piece. This is true of most artistic...

  • Stone Sculpture: Stone as a Sculptural Medium

    Stone Sculpture The use of Stone as a Sculptural Medium Stone carving is the oldest surviving form of artistic expression. Many aspects of mankind’s cultural heritage now exist only through the lens of ancient stonework. This is thanks to the versatility and longevity of stone. Monolithic statues, ancient writing and carved...

  • Lost Wax Bronze Casting

    Sculpting Methods and Materials Bronze Casting – The Lost Wax Process Bronze sculpture is among one of the most popular mediums within the art world. They are long lasting, difficult to damage, and don’t lose value. A broad spectrum of artists use Bronze as their chosen medium to work with. There...

  • What is Patination?

    What is Patination? Take Off by Martyn Barratt – Showing the variation in Patination Patination refers to the process of developing or forming a colour upon a surface or sculpture. A patina can be thought of as a desirable, protective or even decorative tarnish or finish. This is most commonly seen...

  • What is Bronze & How to look after it

    What is Bronze? Bronze has been in use since around 3500BC, originally used primarily for weapons and Armour as at the time it was a lighter alternative to leather & wood. Eventually, artists in the Chinese and West Asia began to use bronze in art as it was a lighter...

  • Wood Sculpting

    Wood Sculpting: An ancient & versatile medium Wood has been used by humans to create art for thousands of years. Both as a tool, and a medium itself. The abundance of wood, it’s ease of use and the desirable qualities of hardiness and versatility have meant that wood sculpting has...

  • Ceramic Sculptures

    Ceramic Sculptures   Ceramics are an unusual, and sometimes hard to define genre of sculpture. Often treading the line between craft work and fine art, pieces of ceramic work can sometimes split opinion on just how they should be regarded. However, whether the object is an ‘art or a craft’, a...

  • Mixed Media Sculpture

    Mixed media sculpture is fundamentally most sculpture, as it is defined as any sculpture than is comprised of more than one material, plinths and stands aside. By using more than one material when making a piece of sculpture you are giving yourself more options for structural integrity, colour, texture,...

  • Glass Sculptures - Glass Blowing & Glass Works

    Glass Sculptures Glass is a very beautiful medium to work in, glass sculptures or studio glasses are some of the most stunning pieces and this makes them hugely popular pieces for investment. The range of colours, shapes and sizes that can be made help make this material one of the...

  • EcoArt & Sculpting using Found Objects

    EcoArt & Sculpting using Found Objects The use of found objects in art is generally considered to be a relatively modern style, with it’s origins lying in the Dadaist movement of the early 20th century. It involve using discarded, bought or salvaged items to create a larger work- often by...

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