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Featured Sculptures

  • Take Off by Martin Barratt

    This extremely well executed bronze by Martyn Barratt is a simple subject matter that has been conceptually mastered to form a beautiful piece that explores the idea of contrast between weight and subject. The composition and refined linear detailing all adds to the suggested subject of a feather. Whilst at...

  • Lonesome George by David Cooke

    ‘Lonesome George’ is a true to scale bronze sculpture of the infamous lonely giant tortoise whose discovered isolation promoted the start of animal conservation in the Galapagos Islands. This is a stunning, high detailed piece that remains as a beautiful echo of the lost creature. The use of...

  • Generation by William Harling

    ‘Generation’ is a large sculpture that sees a uniform group of figures lying regimentally in a circle. The figures are absent of identity, individuality and features. Only the hands and feet are sculpted to give a sense of humanity whilst the lack of any high detail gives the figures...

  • Chat by Ann Vrielinck

    An accomplished piece by Belgium born artist Ann Vrielinck; ‘Chat’ is a beautifully crafted bronze that depicts several figures intertwined in a spherical mass that sees each figure linked and moulded to one another to form a narrative about networking and conversation.   The piece is deliberately vague in its approach...

  • Ferryman' by David Goode

    One of the most popular pieces in the park at the moment; ‘Ferryman’ is a bronze sculpture of high quality and detail by British artist David Goode. Goode’s works derive from his childhood fascination with folklore and myths. The fantasy based works which now form a vast collection referred to...

  • ‘Dinning Out’ by Alan Williams

    ‘Dinning Out’ is a unique reclaimed metal sculpture that is mostly comprised of spoons and forks as well as found metal, as expressed in the witty title; it is a powerful sculpture that plays with materials to explore mark and light. Williams’ works are most commonly animal and nature...

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