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  1. Mother and Baby Hippo by Tracy Chatsama at The Sculpture Park
    Mother and Baby Hippo by Tracy Chatsama, Opal Stone Learn More
  2. Vessels by Tam & Tracey Humphrey at The Sculpture Park
    Vessels by Tam & Tracey Humphrey, Ceramic Learn More
  3. Whale Tale by Frederic Chevarin at The Sculpture Park
    Whale Tale by Frederic Chevarin, Carrara Marble Learn More
  4. Lead Frog at The Sculpture Park
    £350 + VAT
    Frogs by Anon Unknown, Lead Learn More
  5. Fish Head by Martin Williams at The Sculpture Park
    Fish Head by Martin Williams, Portland Stone Learn More
  6. Landing Heron by Piers Mason at The Sculpture Park
    Landing Heron by Piers Mason, Bronze Learn More
  7. Penguin Set (Waddle) by Steve Boss
    Penguin Set (Waddle) by Steve Boss, Bronze Learn More
  8. Two Flying Ducks by Lyle Sopel at The Sculpture park
    Two Flying Ducks by Lyle Sopel, Stone Learn More
  9. Hermit Crab by Colin Kellam at The Sculpture Park
    Hermit Crab by Colin Kellam, Stoneware Learn More
  10. The Shell by Jonty Manuel at The Sculpture Park
    The Shell by Jonty Manuel, Other Metals Learn More
  11. Blakeny by Selina Chadwick at The Sculpture Park
    Blakeny by Selina Chadwick, Stone Learn More
  12. River Dance by Shepard Deve at The Sculpture Park
    River Dance by Shepard Deve, Opal Stone Learn More
  13. Protective Mermaid by Locardia Ndandarika at The Sculpture Park
    Protective Mermaid by Locardia Ndandarika, Sapoline Learn More
  14. Frog in Reeds by Martin Scorey at The Sculpture Park
    Frog in Reeds by Martin Scorey, Engine Pistons and Painted Wood Learn More
  15. Humpback Whales (Water Fountain) by Anon Unknown at The Sculpture Park
    Humpback Whales (Water Fountain) by Anon Unknown, Bronze Learn More
  16. Creature from the Lagoon at The Sculpture Park
    Creature from the Lagoon by Anon, Stainless Steel Learn More
  17. Whale Tooth by Anon. Unknown
    Bronze , Metal | Signed PBB 8 of 10 Learn More
  18. The Spinning Radiolarian by Alan Ross
    The Spinning Radiolarian by Alan Ross, Steel , Metal Learn More
  19. Humpback Whale Weathervane by Karen Green
    Karen Green, Born Washington 1968, Humpback Whale Weathervane Learn More
  20. Lion Fish by Frederic Chevarin
    Frederic Chevarin, Lion Fish, Alabaster Learn More

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