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  1. Blakeny by Selina Chadwick at The Sculpture Park
    Blakeny by Selina Chadwick, Stone Learn More
  2. Shepherd by Richard Lawrence at The Sculpture Park
    Shepherd by Richard Lawrence, Stone Learn More
  3. Echo '2000 by Peter Blunsden at The Sculpture Park
    Echo '2000 by Peter Blunsden, Steel Learn More
  4. Angler Fish Lamp by Nik Burns
    Angler Fish Lamp by Nik Burns, Various Learn More
  5. Freedom of Movement I, II, III by Mieke DeWeerdt at The Sculpture Park
    Freedom of Movement I, II, III by Mieke DeWeerdt, Bronze Learn More
  6. Clarion by Michael Marriott at The Sculpture Park
    Clarion by Michael Marriott, Stainless Steel Learn More
  7. Giving Respect by Larmack Bonjisi at The Sculpture Park
    Giving Respect by Larmack Bonjisi, Stone Learn More
  8. The Shell by Jonty Manuel at The Sculpture Park
    The Shell by Jonty Manuel, Other Metals Learn More
  9. Knees Up by Jim Unsworth at The Sculpture Park
    £22,000 + VAT
    Knees Up by Jim Unsworth, Metal Learn More
  10. Motherly Love by Innocent Nyashenga at The Sculpture Park
    Motherly Love by Innocent Nyashenga, Stone Learn More
  11. Skyward by Edward Chiwawa at The Sculpture Park
    Skyward by Edward Chiwawa, Stone Learn More
  12. New Beginning by Colin Kampara
    New Beginning by Colin Kampara, Stone Learn More
  13. Blue Rough by Andrew Flint at The Sculpture Park
    Blue Rough by Andrew Flint, Stoneware Learn More
  14. Release by Leonie Gibbs at The Sculpture Park
    £33,000 + VAT
    Release by Leonie Gibbs, Bronze Learn More
  15. Stag by John Cox at The Sculpture Park
    £7,500 + VAT
    Stag by John Cox, Bronze Learn More
  16. Door to... by Kenny Roach at The Sculpture Park
    Door to... by Kenny Roach, Wood Learn More
  17. Ballet III by Antanas Brazdys at The Sculpture Park
    Ballet III by Antanas Brazdys, Steel Learn More
  18. Quartile by Robert Persey at The Sculpture Park
    Quartile by Robert Persey, Bronze Learn More
  19. Concorde by Richard Cresswell at The Sculpture Park
    Concorde by Richard Cresswell, Steel Learn More
  20. Togetherness by Biggie Chikodzi - Large
    Togetherness by Biggie Chikodzi, Stone This design is available in two sizes: Four Figures - Small: £950 + VAT Five Figures - Large: £1950 + VAT Learn More

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