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  1. Morning Stretch by Tinei Mashaya
    Morning Stretch by Tinei Mashaya, Springstone , Stone Learn More
  2. The Headman by Innocent Nyashenga at The Sculpture Park
    The Headman by Innocent Nyashenga, Leopidolite Stone Learn More
  3. Modern Violet by Tonderai Sowa at The Sculpture Park
    Modern Violet by Tonderai Sowa, Springstone Learn More
  4. Humble by Misheck Makaza at The Sculpture Park
    £8,000 + VAT
    Humble by Misheck Makaza, Stone Learn More
  5. Landing Eagle by Witness Bonjisi at The Sculpture Park
    Landing Eagle by Witness Bonjisi, Stone Learn More
  6. Double Waveform by Hongxun Jin
    Hongxun Jin, Double Waveform, White Marble on a black granite base, Unique, 90cms high by 56cms wide Learn More
  7. Mother and Baby Hippo by Tracy Chatsama at The Sculpture Park
    Mother and Baby Hippo by Tracy Chatsama, Opal Stone Learn More
  8. Guinea Fowl by Tendring Chipiri at The Sculpture Park
    Guinea Fowl by Tendring Chipiri, Springstone Learn More
  9. Happy Together by David White at The Sculpture Park
    Happy Together by David White, Opal Stone Learn More
  10. Giving Advice by Tendai Kapfudze at The Sculpture Park
    Giving Advice by Tendai Kapfudze, Springstone Learn More
  11. Some Body Dance With Me (Male) by Chris Mungandaire at The Sculpture Park
    Some Body Dance With Me (Male) by Chris Mungandaire, Springstone Learn More
  12. My Life by Staford Chanakira at The Sculpture Park
    My Life by Staford Chanakira, Sapolite Stone Learn More
  13. Destiny by Jonathan Loxley
    Jonathan Loxley, Born 1960, Destiny, Honey Onyx on Anodised Aluminium Base Learn More
  14. Waiting by Vimbai Mashaya at The Sculpture Park
    Waiting by Vimbai Mashaya, Opal Stone Learn More
  15. In Conversation by William Wilberforce Chewa at The Sculpture Park
    In Conversation by William Wilberforce Chewa, Opal Stone Learn More
  16. In Love With Nature by Simon Chidharara at
    In Love With Nature by Simon Chidharara, Serpentine Stone Learn More
  17. Good Time by Edson Ceda The Sculpture Park
    £1,000 + VAT
    Good Time by Edson Ceda, Springstone Learn More
  18. Recalling Sweet Memories by Vangai Chiwawa at The Sculpture Park
    Recalling Sweet Memories by Vangai Chiwawa, Stone Learn More
  19. Vertabrae by Glenn Morris at The Sculpture Park
    Vertabrae by Glenn Morris, Bronze on Anchaster stone base Learn More

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