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  1. Motherly Love by Wonder Chiwaridzo at The Sculpture Park
    Motherly Love by Wonder Chiwaridzo, Cobalt Stone Learn More
  2. Birds on Stumps by Stanford Derere at The Sculpture Park
    Bird on Stump by Stanford Derere, Stone & Wood Learn More
  3. With All My Heart by Victor Matafi at The Sulpture Park
    With All My Heart by Victor Matafi, Opal Stone Learn More
  4. The Family by Locardia Ndandarika at The Sculpture Park
    The Family by Locardia Ndandarika, Sapolite Learn More
  5. African King and Queen by Joe Mutasa at The Sculpture Park
    Joe Mutasa, African King and Queen, Opal Stone Learn More
  6. Taking Care by Shepherd Madzikatire at The Sculpture Park
    Taking Care by Shepherd Madzikatire, Opal stone Learn More
  7. African Beauty by Rufaro Murenza at The Sculpture Park
    African Beauty by Rufaro Murenza, Lepidolite Stone Learn More
  8. Ballet Dancer by Garison Machingiri at The Sculpture Park
    Ballet Dancer by Garison Machingiri, Springstone Learn More
  9. Celtic Sentinels by Tim Threlfall at The Sculpture Park
    Celtic Sentinels by Tim Threlfall, Stone Learn More
  10. Tall Lady by Locardia Ndandarika
    Tall Lady by Locardia Ndandarika, Springstone Learn More
  11. Bird Bath by Innocent Nyashenga at The Sculpture Park
    Bird Bath by Innocent Nyashenga, Leopard Stone Learn More
  12. Source by Peter Brook-Ball
    Peter Brook-Ball, Source, Marble Learn More
  13. Twister by Gary Hodgkinson
    Gary Hodgkinson, Born 1963, Twister Fountain Learn More
  14. Bird Man by Austin Emery
    £2,400 + VAT
    Austin Emery, Bird Man, Bones Learn More
  15. Pride by James Copper
    £7,200 + VAT
    Pride by James Copper, Stone, Unique Learn More
  16. Hoopla by T. Nheti at The Sculpture Park
    £1,080 + VAT
    Hoopla by T. Nheti, Opalstone Learn More
  17. Blowing a Kiss by Lucknos Chingaru at The Sculpture Park
    Blowing a Kiss by Lucknos Chingaru, Springstone Learn More
  18. Totem by Kate Semple
    £1,800 + VAT
    Kate Semple, Totem, Portland Stone and Glass Learn More
  19. Serenading You by Confidence Zinyeka at The Sculpture Park
    Serenading You by Confidence Zinyeka, Springstone Learn More
  20. Nexus III by Jonathan Loxley at The Sculpture Park
    Nexus III by Jonathan Loxley, Zebrano Marble Sculpture on Enamelled Aluminium Base Learn More

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