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  1. Velociraptor by The Sculpture Park
    The Sculpture Park, Velociraptor, Corten Steel Learn More
  2. Horse Head by Bob Crutchley
    Bronze , Metal | Signed Learn More
  3. Heron by Shepard Deve at The Sculpture Park
    £1,850 + VAT
    Heron by Shepard Deve, Stone Learn More
  4. Resting Duiker by Fungai Dodzo
    Resting Duiker by Fungai Dodzo, Stone Learn More
  5. Messenger with Bird by Janis Ridley at The Sculpture Park
    Messenger with Bird by Janis Ridley, Bronze Learn More
  6. Valentino Dobica, Turkey, Bronze, 21cm high, 14cm wide, 15cm deep, The Sculpture Park
    Turkey by Valentino Dobica, Bronze Learn More
  7. TriPod by Nik Burns at The Sculpture Park
    £15,000 + VAT
    TriPod by Nik Burns, Steel, Wood Learn More
  8. Large Dancing Frogs by David Meredith at The Sculpture Park
    Large Dancing Frogs by David Meredith, Bronze Learn More
  9. Bull on Byre by David Mayne
    David Mayne, Bull on Byre, Iron and Steel on Wood Base Learn More
  10. Circus Seal by David Norris at The Sculpture Park
    Circus Seal by David Norris, Bronze Learn More
  11. Anon, Laying Pig, Bronze, The Sculpture Park
    Laying Pig by Anon Unknown, Bronze This small decorative bronze is finely crafted, capturing the charming detail and pose of the eponymous animal. Certain to bring a smile to any viewer, this relaxing pig is a beautiful ornamental bronze sculpture. Learn More
  12. Seagull by Martin Scorey
    £1,800 + VAT
    Seagull by Martin Scorey, Lead , Metal , Steel , Wood Learn More
  13. Composition 3 papillons (Butterfly Trio) by Danu at The Sculpture Park
    Composition 3 papillons (Butterfly Trio) by Danu, Stove Enamelled Heavy Gauge Steel Learn More
  14. Heart of Caring by Alfred Matuke at The Sculpture Park
    Heart of Caring by Alfred Matuke, Springstone Learn More
  15. Tusk by Bruce Kirby
    £1,950 + VAT
    Tusk by Bruce Kirby, Stone Learn More
  16. Together in Harmony by Alfred Matuke
    Together in Harmony by Alfred Matuke, Stone Learn More
  17. Horse Head Sculpture at The Sculpture Park
    Horse Head by Anon Unknown, Wood Learn More
  18. Osprey Hunting by Piers Mason at The Sculpture Park
    Osprey Hunting by Piers Mason, Stainless Steel , Metal , Steel Learn More
  19. Gallop by Chang Feng
    £3,900 + VAT
    Gallop by Chang Feng, Bronze , Metal Learn More
  20. Elephant on Ball by Jim Unsworth
    Jim Unsworth, Elephant on Ball, Bronze Learn More

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