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  1. Stowaways by Wilfred Pritchard at The Sculpture Park 3
    Stowaways by Wilfred Pritchard, Bronze Learn More
  2. Stand off Toads at The Sculpture Park
    Stand off Toads, Ceramic Learn More
  3. Dog by Ian Gregory at The Sculpture Park
    £1,200 + VAT
    Dog, Ceramic Learn More
  4. House of Fortune (Male) by Miguel Angel Martin del Campo Serrano at The Sculpture Park
    House of Fortune (Male) by Miguel Angel Martin del Campo Serrano, Bronze Learn More
  5. John Cox, Standing Stag, Bronze, Signed and Numbered from 50, The Sculpture Park
    Standing Stag by John Cox, Bronze Learn More
  6. Dodo and Girl by Paul Smith at The Sculpture Park
    Dodo and Girl by Paul Smith, Iron, Marble & Slate Resin Learn More
  7. Walking Fox by Paul Jenkins
    Walking Fox by Paul Jenkins, Bronze , Metal Learn More
  8. Orangutan by The Sculpture Park
    Orangutan by The Sculpture Park, Bronze , Metal Learn More
  9. Birds in Flight by Benedict Mazuvamana at The Sculpture Park
    Birds in Flight by Benedict Mazuvamana, Springstone Learn More
  10. Motherly Care by Chris Chivaka
    Motherly Care by Chris Chivaka, Springstone Learn More
  11. Blakeny by Selina Chadwick at The Sculpture Park
    Blakeny by Selina Chadwick, Stone Learn More
  12. Hermit Crab by Colin Kellam at The Sculpture Park
    Hermit Crab by Colin Kellam, Stoneware Learn More
  13. Polar Bear by Brendan Hesmondhalgh at The Sculpture Park
    Polar Bear by Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Hand built stoneware / ceramic Learn More
  14. Greyhound on Back by Muhmood Tahir
    Greyhound on Back by Muhmood Tahir, Bronze Learn More
  15. Trilobite by Tim Threlfall at the Sculpture Park
    Trilobite by Tim Threlfall, Stone Learn More
  16. Protected Lovers by Ronnie Dongo
    We will be adding details soon about Ronnie Dongo - Protected Lovers to this website, for any more information please contact Eddie Powell on 07831 500 506. Learn More
  17. Polar Bear by Swan Hildur
    Polar Bear by Swan Hildur, Stone Learn More
  18. Mother's Care by Fannie Mupanga at The Sculpture Park
    Mother's Care by Fannie Mupanga, Springstone Learn More
  19. Strutting Cockerel by David Cooke at The Sculpture Park
    Strutting Cockerel by David Cooke, Stoneware Learn More
  20. Stronger together by Fungai Dodzo at The Sculpture Park
    Stronger Together by Fungai Dodzo, Stone Learn More

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