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Top 15 Most Popular Sculptors

The Sculpture Park is home to an eclectic mix of art by some of the most popular sculptors from the UK and beyond. With hundreds of sculptures to see, sometimes a whole day isn't enough to take in this outdoor gallery’s vast collection. The list below of our most popular sculptors highlights some of the artists to look out for at The Sculpture Park. There are many more other artists to see however, so whilst you're exploring the park you should keep an eye out for your favourites!

The Sculpture Park's Most Popular Sculptors:

1. Ruth Moilliet

Ruth has an impressive variety of colourful and striking sculptures in The Sculpture Park. They are often viewed on our website, making her top of our most popular sculptors. With a wide range of pieces in every size and budget, there is something for everyone. Her metal and glass sculptures are inspired by the plant kingdom and often feature beautiful flowers and insects in an array of colours. These eye catching pieces are irresistible to photograph and a beautiful edition to any home or garden.

15 most polular sculptore - Ruth Moilliet

2. James Doran-Webb

James’s life-size driftwood animals have captivated many visitors to The Sculpture Park. His highly celebrated works include Rutting Stags, The Wyvern Dragon (which unfortunately is no longer in the park) and a beautiful Horse and Foal. Each piece captures incredible detail of animals in action making him one of the most talented animaliers of this time.  James is based in the Philippines where locals collect driftwood from the island shores, giving him a never-ending supply of material in every shape and size. His works capture something truly unique about each creature and really draw out the essence of the animal he's sculpting.

15 most polular sculptore - James Doran Webb

3. Ann Vrielinck

This Belgian artist produces wonderful figurative pieces in bronze that are widely sort-after and affordable. Much of Ann’s work is based around ballet, dance and movement and comes in a variety of sizes from table top pieces to life size human forms. The slender, long-limbed figures are both anonymous and familiar and the repetition of similar forms alongside one another are a key feature of her work.

15 most polular sculptors - Ann Vrielinck

4. Wilfred Pritchard

This eclectic artist has a variety of witty, macabre and controversial work in The Sculpture Park earning him his place as one of our most popular sculptors. His skeletons in bizarre, humorous and iconic situations are much sort after, both to see and to buy, with 2 of his edition of 3 ‘Dancing Skeletons’ already being sold.

Wilfred also works by sourcing animal and bird skeletons or found objects that are developed into a sculpture with the application of bronze.

15 most polular sculptore - Wilfred Pritchard

5. Jenny Pickford

Jenny’s steel designs combined with blown glass detail are always a welcome sight, inspired by nature and often depicting gigantic plants and flowers. Her Agapanthus is one of our most photographed works as it towers above the viewer with equal amounts of charm and majesty. The giant flowering works give a fantastic charm amongst the trees. Jenny is highly regarded as the UK’s leading female blacksmith artist and we are delighted to be displaying her works.

15 most popular sculptors - Jenny Pickford

6. Isaac Kahn

This Lithuanian sculptor creates very attractive, minimalist figures that feature predominantly in our indoor gallery. We also have a large piece entitled ‘The Family’ prominently situated at the front of our interior design store Miscellanea in the village of Churt.  His works are as elegant as they are mysterious, and the abstract forms he creates captivate the viewer. Isaac has been exposed to art all his life and was thankfully encouraged to nurture his incredible talent.

15 most popular sculptors - Isaac Kahn

7. Andrew Sinclair

This world-class figurative sculptor has proven a real hit with our visitors. His imaginative fantasy sculpture ‘Pre-Hysteric’ is a real sight to behold and displays his amazing creativity and humour. Andrew is a self-taught artist who has even changed the world of sculpture through his invented methods. He is now also a teacher at The Sculpture School in Devon.

15 most popular sculptors - Andrew Sinclair

8. Ferri Farahmandi

Ferri’s distinctive style and thought-provoking work has earned her place in our most popular sculptors. Her exquisite stoneware female figures that appear to be wrapped in bandages are an exploration of how society restricts our lives, demonstrating the boundaries to our freedom.  They are both haunting and beautiful. Her larger works are situated around the park and smaller ceramic pieces are displayed in our indoor galley.

Top 15 popular sculptors - Ferri Farahmandi

9. Walenty Pytel

Walenty Pytel was born in Poland in 1941 and is now a contemporary artist based in the UK and recognised as a leading metal sculptor of birds and beasts. His creations can be found in our indoor gallery and online. The mechanical nature of his works and the materials used to create them creates an interesting juxtaposition against his natural subjects.

Top 15 popular sculptors - Walenty Pytel

10. Quentin Clemence

Quentin’s charismatic sculptures are undoubtedly influenced by his early years as a puppeteer in Southern Europe. They are both humourous and abstract, taking familiar forms and reducing them into their component parts. His unusual and often unique, copper designs feature throughout The Sculpture Park and provoke many conversations.

Top 15 popular sculptors - Quentin Clemance

11. Nicola Godden

Surrey-based sculptor Nicola has been commissioned for many large, public sculptures and earned an impressive accolade when her piece ‘Icarus’ was chosen through The Sculpture Park to be displayed at .

Top 15 popular sculptors - Nicola Godden

12. Sally Matthews

Sally’s wolves are the favourite piece for many sculpture park visitors. Their incredible movement and attention to detail make them seem to come alive as they pace silently through the woodland on our red trail. Definitely a piece to look out for on your visit.

Top 15 popular sculptors - Sally Matthews

13. Tinei Mashaya

Zimbabwe sculptor Tinei has some monumental Shona works in the park, some of which were brought over from Africa, others he made on site when he was our resident sculptor in 2015. They are mostly made from stone quarried in Zimbabwe that is used for traditional style shona sculpting. The colours and contrast between polished and rough surfaces coupled with captivating designs make his work ever popular.

Top 15 popular sculptors - Tinei Mashaya

14. Jonathan Loxley

As the artist chosen by David Bowie to create a sculpture to celebrate his marriage to Iman, Jon is a globally recognised and celebrated sculptor. His intricate marble, stone, copper and slate creations stand proudly throughout the park, and their unusual and often geometric designs create an interesting contrast against the natural woodland of the park.

Top 15 popular sculptors - Jonathan Loxley

15. Simon Probyn

As a relatively new member of our talented collection of artists, Simon’s abstract and figurative sculptures have quickly proved popular. Typically made from steel, using both new and recycled materials, Simon has pieces both for outdoor and indoor display. His works are produced in varying sizes, with his small steel Robins proving a popular seller at Christmas time.

Top 15 popular sculptors - Simon Probyn

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