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Thomas Joynes

Born in Braintree, Essex in 1982

Norwich, UK

Thomas spent his early years exploring the woodlands in rural Essex making bow & arrows and tree houses.

Braintree College. Norwich University was some of the most formative years for Thomas, providing him with the space and time he needed to practice and develop his passion for contempory abstract.

Thomas gained experience at The Sculpture Park, training with blacksmith Matt Livesy Hammond and as a sculptural model maker to Angela Conner.

3-D designs and sculptures using bronze, stainless steel, copper, resin composites and carbon fibre as his preferred materials of choice

Abstract in nature, these forms are concerned primarily with aesthetics and are influenced by organic, natural forms

He has exhibited work at Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows, had a trade stand at Grand Designs Live and sold a number of pieces through auction in association with Sotheby’s. The biggest commission to date is a 3m high bronze that sits in New Austin Metro Hong Kong

Thomas Joynes sculpture for sale from The Sculpture Park is detailed below:

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  1. Focused by Tom Joynes at The Sculpture Park
    Focused by Tom Joynes, Bronze Learn More
  2. Quantum Vortices (Large) by Thomas Joynes at The Sculpture Park
    Quantum Vortices (Large) by Thomas Joynes, Powder Coated Stainless Steel Learn More
  3. Halo by Thomas Joynes at The Sculpture Park
    Halo by Thomas Joynes, Stainless Steel , Oak Plinth Learn More

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