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Tanya Russell

BORN: 09/08/1975

LIVES: Tanya Russell lives in Wales where her studio is also based, on a small farm called Moelfre which views over the black mountains.

PARENTS: Tanya’s father, Edwin Russell, was a sculptor and in 1985 he was commissioned by the Ellis Campbell Group to make the Lion and Lamb Sculpture which is still displayed in Farnham today. Tanya’s mother, Lorne, wasn’t a sculptor but was involved in Tanya’s art work and sponsored Tanya’s first ever exhibition.

EARLY LIFE: Tanya Russel has sculpted since she was a child.

EDUCATION: For 7 years Tanya Russell was an apprentice under her parents who were animal sculptors.

CAREER: In 2015 Tanya refocused her time away from her role as principle of an art college and began to practice as an animal sculptor, this was also the year her partner, Charles, got really involved in her work and set up his first ever show for her.

MEDIUMS USED IN WORK: Tanya makes her sculptures in clay. They are cast in Bronze, Fiberglass or Resin.

SUBJECTS OF WORK: Animals and Figures

EXHIBITIONS: Tanya has embarked on a series of garden exhibitions including Pashley Manor Gardens, Cotsworld Sculpture park, Court Roberts Arts Sculpture Garden and most importantly, The Sculpture Park in Churt.

Tanya Rusell sculpture for sale from The Sculpture Park is detailed below

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  1. Tanya Russell, Labrador Looking Up, Bronze Resin, 80cm high, 75cm wide, 48cm deep, The Sculpture Park
    Labrador Looking Up by Tanya Russell, Bronze Resin Learn More
  2. Tanya Russell, Sitting Newfoundland, Bronze Resin, 86cm high, 40cm wide, 100cm deep, The Sculpture Park
    Sitting Newfoundland by Tanya Russell, Bronze Resin Learn More
  3. Tanya Russell, Tenderness, Bronze, 78cm high, 18cm wide, 18cm deep
    £3,399.60 inc VAT
    Tenderness by Tanya Russell, Bronze Resin Learn More
  4. Tanya Russell, Communion, Bronze , 76cm high, 22cm wide, 30cm deep, The Sculpture Park
    £2,700 inc VAT
    Communion by Tanya Russell, Bronze Learn More
  5. Tanya Russell, Red Deer Stag, Bronze Resin, 215cm high, 70cm wide, 150cm deep, The Sculpture Park
    £11,499.60 inc VAT
    Red Deer Stag by Tanya Russell, Bronze Resin Learn More

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