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  1. Linear by Nigel Ash
    £1,200 + VAT
    Linear by Nigel Ash, Stone Learn More
  2. Path of True Love by Sign Muzika at The Sculpture Park
    Path of True Love by Sign Muzika Knotted, twisted curling strands of deep, dark hued serpentine trace the path of true love. Endless twists and turns that coil and wrap around themselves, showing that though the journey may be full of twists and surprises, it can remain as strong as stone once reached. Learn More
  3. Motherly Care by Lameck Million at The Sculpture Park
    Motherly Care by Lameck Million, Stone Learn More
  4. Giving Respect by Larmack Bonjisi at The Sculpture Park
    Giving Respect by Larmack Bonjisi, Stone Learn More
  5. Michelin Lady by Hongxun Jin at The Sculpture Park
    Hongxun Jin, Michelin Lady, Marble, Unique, 150cms high by 84cms wide, Learn More
  6. Resting Hippo by Timothy Rukodzi at The Sculpture Park
    Resting Hippo by Timothy Rukodzi, Opal Stone Learn More
  7. Unite by Tinei Mashaya
    £6,000 + VAT
    Unite by Tinei Mashaya, Springstone , Stone Learn More
  8. New Beginning by Colin Kampira at The Sculpture Park
    New Beginning by Colin Kampira, Unique Learn More
  9. African Beauty by Rufaro Murenza at The Sculpture Park
    African Beauty by Rufaro Murenza, Lepidolite Stone Learn More
  10. Kissing Giraffes by Innocent Nyashenga at The Sculpture Park
    Kissing Giraffes by Innocent Nyashenga, Springstone Learn More
  11. The Warrior by Jane Rickards at The Sculpture Park
    The Warrior by Jane Rickards, Portland Stone Learn More
  12. In Deep Thought by Innocent Nyashenga at The Sculpture Park
    In Deep Thought by Innocent Nyashenga, Serpentine Stone Learn More
  13. Generations by Fungai Dodzo
    Generations by Fungai Dodzo, Stone Learn More
  14. Stephen Fox
    £2,160 + VAT
    Stephen Fox Learn More
  15. Harmony by Sign Muzika at The Sculpture Park
    £4,000 + VAT
    Harmony by Sign Muzika, Springstone Learn More
  16. Tender Moment by Lucknos Chingwaru at The Sculpture Park
    Tender Moment by Lucknos Chingwaru, Springstone Learn More
  17. Bird Man by Austin Emery
    £2,400 + VAT
    Austin Emery, Bird Man, Bones Learn More
  18. Caring For The Young One by Fungai Dodzo
    Caring For The Young One by Fungai Dodzo, Opal Stone Learn More
  19. Owl Family by Magansio Vissensio at The Sculpture Park
    Owl Family by Magansio Vissensio, Stone Learn More

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