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  1. Band III by Jonathan Loxley
    Marble , Stone | Unique Learn More
  2. Model by Lawrence Tirivangani at The Sculpture Park
    Model by Lawrence Tirivangani, Springstone, Verdite, Leopard Rock Learn More
  3. Easter Island Head at The Sculpture Park
    Easter Island Head by Anon, Unknown, Stone Learn More
  4. Motherly Love by Fungai Dodzo
    Motherly Love by Fungai Dodzo, Stone Learn More
  5. Young Beauty by Innocent Nyashenga at The Sculpture Park
    Young Beauty by Innocent Nyashenga, Opal Stone Learn More
  6. New Beginning by Colin Kampira at The Sculpture Park
    New Beginning by Colin Kampira, Unique Learn More
  7. Beauty by Emmanuell Changonda at The Sculpture Park
    Beauty by Emmanuell Changonda, Stone Learn More
  8. Tusk by Bruce Kirby
    £1,850 + VAT
    Tusk by Bruce Kirby, Stone Learn More
  9. Infinity by Stanford Chanakira at The Sculpture Park
    Infinity by Stanford Chanakira, Stone Learn More
  10. Watch Me by Godfrey Matangira
    Watch Me by Godfrey Matangira, Springstone Learn More
  11. Celtic Sentinels by Tim Threlfall at The Sculpture Park
    Celtic Sentinels by Tim Threlfall, Stone Learn More
  12. Basking in the Sun by Josiah Amanzi at The Sculpture Park
    Basking in the Sun by Josiah Amanzi, Springstone Learn More
  13. Aida by Jon Loxley
    £21,000 + VAT
    Jonathan Loxley, Born 1960, Aida, Gilded Limestone on Composition Stone Base, Unique, 135 cms high; overall 383 cms high inc base, We will be adding details soon about Jon Loxley - Aida to this website, for any more information please contact Eddie Powell on 07831 500 506. Learn More
  14. Hidden Wings by Martin Williams
    Stone | Signed Unique Learn More
  15. M. Nyakusyora, Bishop with Staff, Springstone, Unique at The Sculpture Park
    Bishop with Staff by M. Nyakusyora, Stone Learn More
  16. In Flight by Shepard Deve at The Sculpture Park
    In Flight by Shepard Deve, Stone Learn More
  17. Kissing Giraffes by Fannie Mupanga at The Sculpture Park
    Kissing Giraffes by Fannie Mupanga, Springstone Learn More
  18. Motherly Love by Wonder Chiwaridzo at The Sculpture Park
    Motherly Love by Wonder Chiwaridzo, Cobalt Stone Learn More
  19. 7 Piece Stack by Tim Threlfall at The Sculpture Park
    7 Piece Stack by Tim Threlfall, Stone Learn More

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