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  1. Tower by Nigel Ash at The Sculpture Park
    £1,400 + VAT
    Tower by Nigel Ash, Cotswold Stone Learn More
  2. Stylised Female Torso by Keith Newstead at The Sculpture Park
    Stylised Female Torso by Keith Newstead, Green and brown banded hardstone Learn More
  3. Comforting Mother by Boet Nyariri
    Comforting Mother by Boet Nyariri, Stone , Springstone Learn More
  4. Thinking of you by Vengai Chiwawa
    Thinking of you by Vengai Chiwawa, Leopard Rock Learn More
  5. Auralian by Glenn Morris at The Sculpture Park
    £3,950 + VAT
    Auralian by Glenn Morris, Bronze on Anchaster stone base Learn More
  6. Lion Fish by Frederic Chevarin
    Frederic Chevarin, Lion Fish, Alabaster Learn More
  7. Spirit of Togetherness by Tendai Chipiri at The Sculpture Park
    Spirit of Togetherness by Tendai Chipiri, Springstone Learn More
  8. Young Beauty by Innocent Nyashenga at The Sculpture Park
    Young Beauty by Innocent Nyashenga, Opal Stone Learn More
  9. Balancing Rocks by Bywell Sango at The Sculpture Park
    Balancing Rocks by Bywell Sango, Cobalt Stone Learn More
  10. Aiming High by Arthur Manyengedzo at The Sculpture Park
    Aiming High by Arthur Manyengedzo, Opal Stone Learn More
  11. Angel Fish by Tendai Gwaravaza
    Tendai Gwaravaza, Angel Fish, Cobalt Stone Learn More
  12. Flight by Frederic Chevarin
    Marble , Stone | Signed Unique Learn More
  13. Raw Beauty by Vengai Chiwawa at The Sculpture Park
    Raw Beauty by Vengai Chiwawa, Stone Learn More
  14. Balance by Biggie Chikodzi
    Balance by Biggie Chikodzi, Stone Learn More
  15. Lean on Me by Anon, Unknown at The Sculpture Park
    Lean on Me by Anon, Unknown, Unique, Springstone, 68cms high, 43cms wide by 14cms deep Learn More
  16. Celtic Dragons by Mathew Billington at The Sculpture Park
    Celtic Dragons by Mathew Billington, Carved Stone Learn More
  17. Naturalistic Form by Peter Hodgkinson at The Sculpture Park
    Naturalistic Form by Peter Hodgkinson, Stone Learn More
  18. Unite by Tinei Mashaya
    £6,000 + VAT
    Unite by Tinei Mashaya, Springstone , Stone Learn More
  19. Mermaid by Ronnie Dongo at The Sculpture Park
    £2,000 + VAT
    Mermaid by Ronnie Dongo, Springstone Learn More

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