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  1. I Spirit by Teresa Wells at The Sculpture Park
    £24,166.66 + VAT
    I Spirit by Teresa Wells, Bronze on Stone covered base Learn More
  2. Oriental Stone Dragon by Anon Unknown
    Oriental Stone Dragon by Anon Unknown, Marble Learn More
  3. In Deep Thought by Nicolas Mukomberanwa at The Sculpture Park
    In Deep Thought by Nicolas Mukomberanwa, Stone Learn More
  4. Daimyo Warrior by Joan Roberts at The Sculpture Park
    Daimyo Warrior by Joan Roberts, Marble Learn More
  5. Looking Deep Inside by Munyradzi Jeche at The Sculpture Park
    Looking Deep Inside by Munyradzi Jeche, Opal Stone Learn More
  6. Homage to Barbara by Emmanuel Changunda at The Sculpture Park
    Homage to Barbara by Emmanuel Changunda, Opal Stone Learn More
  7. True Love by Simon Chidharara at The Sculpture Park
    True Love by Simon Chidharara, Opal Stone Learn More
  8. Blowing a Kiss by Lucknos Chingaru at The Sculpture Park
    Blowing a Kiss by Lucknos Chingaru, Springstone Learn More
  9. Mother's Care by Fannie Mupanga at The Sculpture Park
    Mother's Care by Fannie Mupanga, Springstone Learn More
  10. Sweet Voice by Anthony Magamba at The Sculpture Park
    Sweet Voice by Anthony Magamba, Cobalt Stone Learn More
  11. River Dance by Shepard Deve at The Sculpture Park
    River Dance by Shepard Deve, Opal Stone Learn More
  12. Big G by Vilas Silverton at The Sculpture Park
    £3,600 + VAT
    Big G is part of a series of works called Zen Rogue Portraits that have grown out of Vilas's interest in the role of figurative art in ritual and worship. Combining his interest in religious statuary, devotional imagery and his own inner practice, he shows alternatives to the accepted western view of what constitutes spirituality. Rather than repeat and reinforce traditional depictions of holiness (for example haloed saints), Vilas has tried to show vulnerable characters whose innate goodness may not be readily apparent. The Zen Rogue characters may be seen as works in progress, ‘saints-in-the-making’ rather than finished, perfected beings. Big G is a homage to a portrait bust of St Gregory the Moor by an unknown German artist The holes in the body suggest that they could be paraded round the streets during religious festivals. Most reliquaries also have holes and openings where people can peer inside hoping to catch a glimpse of something special. Learn More
  13. Winged Angel by Tinei Mashaya at The Sculpture Park
    Winged Angel by Tinei Mashaya, Springstone Learn More
  14. Multidimensional Torso by Toma Nenov at The Sculpture Park
    Multidimensional Torso by Toma Nenov, Bronze Learn More
  15. Quartal Tenor Wind Chime at The Sculpture Park
    £374.17 + VAT
    Quartal Tenor Wind Chime, Heavy gauge polished stainless steel, Tempered aluminum alloy tubing, Solid polyethylene clappers Learn More
  16. Ecclesiaste by Valentino Dodica at The Sculpture Park
    Ecclesiaste, Bronze Learn More
  17. Dream by Jon Loxley at The Sculpture Park
    £7,200 + VAT
    Dream by Jon Loxley, Bath Limestone Learn More
  18. Isness by Janis Ridley at The Sculpture Park
    £7,500 + VAT
    Isness by Janis Ridley, Bronze Learn More
  19. Heart Chakra Torso by Nicola Axe
    Heart Chakra Torso by Nicola Axe, Stone , Glass Learn More

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