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  1. Ahab's Quest by Martin Scorey
    Martin Scorey, Ahab's Quest Learn More
  2. Stephen Hunton, The Boar, Reconstituted Portland Stone, The Sculpture Park
    The Boar by Stephen Hunton, Stone Resin Learn More
  3. Preying Mantis by Iain Tatum
    Metal , Steel | Unique Learn More
  4. Concrete Chesterfield Sofa Grey
    Concrete Chesterfield, Fibreglass Re-inforced Cast Concrete Learn More
  5. Hermes in the Pacific by Noah Taylor, Patinated Brass & Copper, Unique, The Sculpture Park
    Hermes in the Pacific by Noah Taylor, Patinated Brass & Copper Learn More
  6. Lady by Francony Kowalski at The Sculpture Park
    Lady by Francony Kowalski, Concrete, Ceramic and Glass Mosaic Learn More
  7. Julius Cesar by Anon Unknown
    Julius Cesar by Anon Unknown, Marble Learn More
  8. Homage to Dobson by James Matthews
    James Matthews, Homage to Dobson, Bronze Learn More
  9. Daphne & Sian by Wilfred Pritchard at The Sculpture Park
    Daphne & Sian by Wilfred Pritchard, Bronze Learn More
  10. Mycelium Major by Abby Martin at The Sculpture Park
    Mycelium Major by Abby Martin, Metal, Resin Learn More
  11. Basic Form Couple by Simon Probyn
    Basic Form Couple by Simon Probyn, Corten Steel Learn More
  12. Prima Ballerina by Isaac Kahn
    Prima Ballerina by Isaac Kahn, Bronze , Metal Learn More
  13. Mary, Joseph, Angels & Wiseman by Sylvester Mubayi at The Sculpture Park
    Mary, Joseph, Angels & Wiseman by Sylvester Mubayi, Stone Learn More
  14. Model by Lawrence Tirivangani at The Sculpture Park
    Model by Lawrence Tirivangani, Springstone, Verdite, Leopard Rock Learn More
  15. Protected Lovers by Ronnie Dongo
    We will be adding details soon about Ronnie Dongo - Protected Lovers to this website, for any more information please contact Eddie Powell on 07831 500 506. Learn More
  16. The Bench by Peter Hayes at The Sculpture Park
    £35,000 + VAT
    The Bench by Peter Hayes, Bronze Learn More
  17. Hermit Crab by Paul Wells at The Sculpture Park
    Hermit Crab by Paul Wells, Copper Learn More
  18. Cart Wheel Bench by Anon. Unknown
    Found Objects , Wood | Open Learn More
  19. Vertebrae by Tim Threlfall at The Sculpture Park
    Vertebrae by Tim Threlfall, Bronze Learn More

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