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  1. To Pull by Ann Vrielinck at The Sculpture Park
    £495.83 + VAT
    To Pull by Ann Vrielinck, Bronze Learn More
  2. Ox Cart Bench at The Sculpture Park
    £480 + VAT
    Ox Cart Bench by Anon, Salvaged Wheel & Hardwood Learn More
  3. Cantilever Wave by Guy Stevens
    Cantilever Wave by Guy Stevens, Ancaster Weatherbed Learn More
  4. Agapanthus by Jenny Pickford at The Sculpture Park
    Agapanthus by Jenny Pickford , Forged Steel & Blown Glass Learn More
  5. Large Pollination of Bees and Butterflies by Ruth Moilliet at The Sculpture Park
    Ruth Moilliet, Large Pollination bees and butterflies, Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium Learn More
  6. Maternidad by Maria Bayardo at The Sculpture Park
    Maternidad by Maria Bayardo, Bronze Learn More
  7. Driftwood Horse and Foal Sculpture at The Sculpture Park
    Horse and Foal by Anon Unknown, Wood, Driftwood Learn More
  8. Ahura Mashda by Kevin Hope at The Sculpture Park
    Ahura Mashda by Kevin Hope, Steel, Acrylic Learn More
  9. Composition 3 papillons (Butterfly Trio) by Danu at The Sculpture Park
    Composition 3 papillons (Butterfly Trio) by Danu, Stove Enamelled Heavy Gauge Steel Learn More
  10. Gooi by Won Lee at The Sculpture Park
    £21,000 + VAT
    Gooi by Won Lee, Bronze Learn More
  11. Circus Seal by David Norris at The Sculpture Park
    Circus Seal by David Norris, Bronze Learn More
  12. Ride by Simon Stringer at The Sculpture Park
    £8,000 + VAT
    Ride by Simon Stringer, Bronze Resin, Metal Learn More
  13. Looking into the Future by Tinei Mashaya at The Sculpture Park
    Looking into the Future by Tinei Mashaya, Opalstone Learn More
  14. Allium by Anon
    £1,500 + VAT
    Allium by Anon Unknown, Mild and Stainless Steel Learn More
  15. Eagle-Boxer by Elvis Mamura
    Eagle-Boxer by Elvis Mamura, Unique Learn More
  16. Embrace by Nick Moran
    £3,540 + VAT
    Nick Moran, Embrace, Galvanised Steel Learn More
  17. Pensive by Danu
    £2,850 + VAT
    Generation by Bill Harling, Born 1946, Bronze Resin, Signed and Numbered 1 of 3, 444cms. wide, Learn More
  18. Deep Impressions by Eric Duggan at The Sculpture Park
    Deep Impressions by Eric Duggan, Bronze Resin Learn More
  19. The Visitor by Guido Deleu, Medium, Ceramic, Black
    The Visitor by Guido Deleu, Black Ceramic Learn More
  20. Mickey by Jim Collins at The Sculpture Park
    £1,800 + VAT
    Mickey by Jim Collins, Various Learn More

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