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  1. Impala Leap by Saraj Guha
    Saraj Guha, Impala Leap, Varnished Mild Steel Learn More
  2. Dame Kind by Sean Crampton
    £114,000 inc VAT
    Sean Crampton, Dame Kind, Fabricated Bronze Learn More
  3. Egyptian Deities by Sergey Juhno Yukno Vasiliy Ivanovich
    Sergey Juhno Yukno Vasiliy Ivanovich, Egyptian Deities, Bronze Learn More
  4. The Flamenco Dancers by Sergio Rossi
    Sergio Rossi,The Flamenco Dancers, Murano Glass on a Black Marble base Learn More
  5. Septimisequus by Simon Evans
    £34,800 inc VAT
    Simon Evans, Septimisequus, Plate Steel Learn More
  6. Diving Gannets by Simon Griffiths
    Simon Griffiths, Diving Gannets, Stoneware on Board Learn More
  7. Swallow in Flight by Standford Derere
    Standford Derere,Swallow in flight, Springstone and cedar Learn More
  8. A Swift of Swallows by Standford Derere
    Stanford Derere, A Swift of Swallows, Springstone and Cedar Learn More
  9. Abdul by Stanley Beard
    £1,296 inc VAT
    Stanley Beard, Abdul, Signed Titled and Dated 1978 with Foundry Marks for Morris Singer London Bronze Learn More
  10. Courting Birds by Stanley Vhono
    Stanley Vhono, Courting Birds,Springstone Learn More
  11. The Lion by Stephen Hunton
    Stephen Hunton, The Lion, Stoneware Learn More
  12. The Lioness by Stephen Hunton
    Stephen Hunton, The Lioness, Stoneware Learn More
  13. Easter Uprising by Terry Ryall at The Sculpture Park
    Terry Ryall, Born 1951, Easter Uprising, Steel Learn More
  14. Lament by Terry Ryall
    £9,360 inc VAT
    Terry Ryall, Born 1951, Lament, Welded Steel Learn More
  15. Sentinels by Terry Ryall
    £21,600 inc VAT
    Terry Ryall, Born 1951, Sentinel I & II, Bronze Learn More
  16. Voyager by terry Ryall
    £3,168 inc VAT
    Terry Ryall, Born 1951, Voyager, Welded Steel Learn More
  17. Barra Suite No. 4 by Tim Threlfall
    Tim Threlfell, 1940 -1999, Barra Suite No. 4, Bronze Learn More

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