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Richard Jack

Richard Jack, son of an architect and nurse was born in 1949 Harare, Zimbabwe. He began his career as an artist in South Africa in 1975, painting and sculpting works which were influenced by the socio-political environment of apartheid at that time.

He returned to newly independent Zimbabwe in 1981 where he worked alongside many prominent local sculptors. He exhibited regularly in Southern Africa and internationally and also attended several international workshops in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Germany, Denmark and Finland. Due to the political unrest and economic uncertainty in Zimbabwe he and the family moved in 2002 to Farnham in the UK where he now lives and continues to exhibit regularly. He has been commissioned for both private and public sculptures in the UK, Denmark, Germany and Zimbabwe.

Richard’s sculptures are inspired by his life in Africa and the UK, expressing his intuitive feelings of the times we live in. With art he has found the means to express his reflections, memories and imagination that continually inspires him, in this rapidly changing world. For many years he has worked with the combination of three basic materials - wood, stone and steel. Generally figurative interspersed with abstract ideas. His work is not based on theories, rules or fashions – its about life, light and form, balanced, suspended, displaced and under pressure.

“The work is both personal and universal. MIXED MEDIA is my material and there is a lot of it in our minds and the world around us. I leave my style to flow as my mind wanders, a mixture of thoughts changing like the words on unfolding pages, closing doors, horizons, spontaneity and environmental influences. What else can it be but my response to all those angles and facets”.

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