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  1. Winston Churchill by Ivor Roberts-Jones at The Sculpture Park
    Winston Churchill by Ivor Roberts-Jones, Bronze Learn More
  2. Les Errants by Paul Befayt
    Paul Befayt, Les Errants, Bronze Learn More
  3. Isabel, Louis & Michel by Eleanor Swan
    Isabel, Louis & Michel by Eleanor Swan, Bronze , Metal Learn More
  4. Billy Bond by James Mathews
    Billy Bond by James Mathews, Wood Learn More
  5. Clarissa' by Ronald Moll
    Clarissa' by Ronald Moll, Bronze , Metal Learn More
  6. Head I by Ed Harrison
    £1,950 + VAT
    Stone | Unique Learn More
  7. George Dwyer by Eleanor Swan
    Bronze , Metal | Signed Edition of 9 Learn More
  8. Othello by Lucy Kinsella
    £2,000 + VAT
    Othello by Lucy Kinsella, Polycromed Resin Learn More
  9. The Sentinel by Bob Crutchley at The Sculpture Park
    The Sentinel by Bob Crutchley, Bronze Learn More
  10. Girl with Long Hair by John Lord at The Sculpture Park
    Girl with Long Hair by John Lord, Welded & Wire Learn More
  11. Totem Head III by Patricia Volk
    Patricia Volks, Totem Head III, Stoneware Learn More
  12. Big G by Vilas Silverton at The Sculpture Park
    £3,600 + VAT
    Big G is part of a series of works called Zen Rogue Portraits that have grown out of Vilas's interest in the role of figurative art in ritual and worship. Combining his interest in religious statuary, devotional imagery and his own inner practice, he shows alternatives to the accepted western view of what constitutes spirituality. Rather than repeat and reinforce traditional depictions of holiness (for example haloed saints), Vilas has tried to show vulnerable characters whose innate goodness may not be readily apparent. The Zen Rogue characters may be seen as works in progress, ‘saints-in-the-making’ rather than finished, perfected beings. Big G is a homage to a portrait bust of St Gregory the Moor by an unknown German artist The holes in the body suggest that they could be paraded round the streets during religious festivals. Most reliquaries also have holes and openings where people can peer inside hoping to catch a glimpse of something special. Learn More
  13. Janus by Joseph Hillier at The Sculpture Park
    £4,320 + VAT
    Janus by Joseph Hillier, Steel Learn More
  14. Spring comes to Plateau (Large) by Zhang Feng at The Sculpture Park
    Spring comes to Plateau (Large) by Zhang Feng, Bronze Learn More
  15. Anon, After Picasso, Bronze, The Sculpture Park
    After Picasso by Anon Unknown, Bronze Learn More
  16. Eva Bayley, Hercules, Bronze Resin, From an Edition of 3 at The Sculpture Park
    £2,300 + VAT
    Hercules by Eva Bayley, Bronze Resin Learn More
  17. James Copper, Dreaming Head 1990, Clipsham Stone, Unique at The Sculpture Park
    Dreaming Head 1990 by James Copper, Stone Learn More
  18. Gorilla Bust by Ed Harrison at The Sculpture Park
    Gorilla Bust by Ed Harrison, Bath Stone Learn More
  19. Julius Cesar by Anon Unknown
    Julius Cesar by Anon Unknown, Marble Learn More
  20. Head 1 by Steven Hunton
    £2,700 + VAT
    Steven Hunton, Head1, Copper Learn More

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