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As with all art forms when you start a new project you need to research and develop your ideas, the best way for a visual person or a creative to develop ideas is by drawing and sketching. Drawing forms one of the most used processes in art to date it is not something that has ups and downs in popularity like other methodologies; it is the foundation of artistic creation regardless of the process or medium.

sculpture, to be able to understand what you want to make, how to best make it and developments that may occur during construction that needs readdressing, the plans are the best foundation for all processes to keep returning to and making alterations. Keeping a sketchbook it one of the most popular methods of designing and planning a piece of work, Dali was a keen sketchbook creative and since his death in 1989 his sketchbooks have become a highly recognised piece of his vast body of work.

Contemporary artists use drawing as their thought process and often find that a simple drawing that was nothing more than a brief idea comes to fruition as a finished sculpture. Charles Avery is one of the leading contemporary British artists that works across multiple disciplines and always returns to drawing as his platform for new works.

There are many considerations to make when starting a new sculpture, unless you have a great experience and knowledge of what your subject is and how best to translate that into three dimensions it is important to produce some initial drawings of your designs, try some different materials for the techniques that you would need to use to produce certain features on the work and then keep a documentation of your thinking with sketches, pictures, notes, technical information – anything that will aid you in this process in future projects. By keeping track of all of the small changes and any seemingly random ideas that generate along the way you could save yourself a lot of time either during the construction or production of a current piece or in time when you revisit the ideas and need to remember how you came to that conclusion and why you did what you did.

Drawing is also a great way of scribbling down little ideas you may have half way through a project, that has no bearing on the current piece but if you have documented it you won’t forget and can revisit it in the future, which is why sketchbooks are such a popular methodology and used by so many on a daily basis.

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