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Peter King

Redhill, England.

New Forrest

John (Architect) and Caroline (Potter)

”I am the Second of four children, Older (Josephine) and younger (Helen) sisters and a much younger brother (Stephen). We lived in Manchester and Coventry before moving to Christchurch in Hampshire (now Dorset) always following my fathers’ work. I didn’t like school but now realise the teachers were trying to instil in us something more than just words, facts or numbers, looking back I now see this more clearly. My Mother and father let us children get on with things, don’t bother me, go and sort it out they would say. From about age eight, the summer holidays in particular, whole days were spent away cycling, rambling with other boys, I was never asked where I was going, only complained at if late for tea. From an early age I have loved to observe and to take part if I felt I could…often too shy to do so. I was a quick runner and good at football and the simplicity and the identity of being part of a team gave me confidence to try other things. Reading, writing and drawing I have always done, imagination and silence have always been important. All identity is part dreaming, becomes a reality if shared.”

Architecture, BA Hons
Diploma in Theatre Design, Riverside School
Architecture Diploma (Part 2) Polytechnic of North London
Bartlett School of Architecture (Part 3)
Architect ARB

Wood, glass, metal and paint.

The personal…the moment and the universal.

Victoria and Albert Museum new courtyard and gallery
The Vessel, New York

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Optigon by Peter King at The Sculpture Park
£15,000 inc VAT

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