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A patina is a tarnish that forms on the surface of metals such as bronze and copper, this tarnish is normally formed by oxidation or other chemical processes. A patina maybe considered a sheen caused by aging, wear or polishing or it may be natural aging of the metal or corrosion like rust. The patina on a metal surface can act as a protective film which can be beneficial for bronze sculptures which are most commonly patinated for protection and sometimes simply to make it look more aesthetically pleasing, it can act as a weather shield to stop progressive weathering on the surface of a sculpture.

Famously the Statue of Liberty, the iconic American landmark has its famous green patination colour due to the reaction of the copper surface to the natural chemical reactions caused by the elements around it.

Typically a patina is not a desired surface for most metal objects but the application of a patina to the surface of certain metal sculptures adds to the quality by aging it; something more desirable when buying new furniture if you are looking for an antiqued look and some sculptures if the aged look adds to the narrative of the piece or makes the work more exciting to look at

Hard Labour by Wilfred Pritchard, Bronze Skeleton and Antique Lawn Rolleer, patinated white, the sculpture parkDrinking Horse by Lucy Kinsella, bronze patinated green, horse head drinking, available for sale from the sculpture park

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