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  1. What Will Come by Guy Buseyne
    Guy Buseyne, Born 1961, What Will Come, Bronze on Wood Mount, Signed and Numbered from an Edition of 99, 115cms wide overall, Learn More
  2. Michelin Lady by Hongxun Jin at The Sculpture Park
    Hongxun Jin, Michelin Lady, Marble, Unique, 150cms high by 84cms wide, Learn More
  3. Mother, Child and Teddy Too by Helen Sinclair
    Helen Sinclair, Born 1954, Mother, Child and Teddy Too, Stone Resin, Signed and Numbered 10 of 15, 152cm. high by 59cm. wide, Learn More
  4. Who is Sylvia by Helen Sinclair ARBS
    Helen Sinclair, Born 1954, Who is Sylvia, Bronze, Signed and Numbered 4 from an edition of 9, 160cm. high by 57cm. wide Learn More
  5. Elevated Triangulation Station by Wilfred Pritchard
    Wilfred Pritchard,Untitled, Stainless Steel and Glass, This work is unique, Height 124cms Learn More
  6. Kneeling Figure by Alex Davies
    Alex Davies, Born 1970, Kneeling Figure Learn More
  7. Big Jug by Amanda Duncan
    Amanda Duncan, Big Jug, Stoneware Learn More
  8. A Cold Wintry Change by Angelo Bordonari
    Angelo Bordonari, Born 1951 Italy, A Cold Wintry Change, Marble Learn More
  9. Ecstacy of Time No 7 by Ann Goodfellow
    Ann Goodfellow, Born 1952, Ecstacy of Time No 7 Learn More
  10. Stegasaurus by The Sculpture Park
    The Sculpture Park, Stegasaurus, Corten Steel Learn More
  11. Styracosaurus by The Sculpture Park
    The Sculpture Park, Styracosaurus, Corten Steel Learn More
  12. Velociraptor by The Sculpture Park
    The Sculpture Park, Velociraptor, Corten Steel Learn More
  13. Friends by Carol Peace
    £1,140 + VAT
    Carol Peace, Friends, Bronze resin Learn More
  14. Stone Boat by Clare Curtis
    Clare Curtis, Stone Boat, Lepine Stone Learn More
  15. Blue Hydrangea by Ruth Moilliet
    Ruth Moilliet, Blue Hydrangea (reverse), Steel, Toughened Glass and Hydrangea Petals Learn More
  16. Passiflora by Ruth Moilliet
    Ruth Moilliet, Passiflora, Stainless Steel Learn More
  17. Red Carnation by Ruth Moilliet
    Ruth Moilliet, Red Carnation, Steel, Toughened Glass and Carnation Petals Learn More
  18. Dame Kind by Sean Crampton
    £94,999.99 + VAT
    Sean Crampton, Dame Kind, Fabricated Bronze Learn More
  19. The Flamenco Dancers by Sergio Rossi
    Sergio Rossi,The Flamenco Dancers, Murano Glass on a Black Marble base Learn More
  20. Septimisequus by Simon Evans
    Simon Evans, Septimisequus, Plate Steel Learn More

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