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Miles Halpin


Born in Manchester in Halpin, lived on the moors near Blackburn from 1971. He spent most of his childhood exploring these huge soaked playgrounds, and the streams and wooded valleys nearby. Here, and in later travels abroad in my late teens and early twenties, I noticed how things decay and change, and saw the similarities in the growth and entropy of landscape and structure in diverse environments.

Miles has been working as a professional sculptor since 1995, self-taught, developing his skills through a series of enthusiasms for photography, ceramics and watercolour painting. Ceramics were his first love and much of his later work has evolved from the ‘organic’ sculptural style of my pottery. When he later discovered steel and arc welding he was immediately excited by it, and it remains his favoured medium. Having had no formal training, he came to start making things as a vocation, as a result there is a fresh and original approach to his work that comes from the heart. He often uses materials and tools in ways that a trained person probably wouldn't, and has thus been free to explore materials and techniques without any preconceived ideas about what 'should' or 'shouldn't' be done.

Miles likes working with wood and stone but he generally works with steel, he usually tries to work the steel by hand and avoids using power tools as much as he possibly can.

Miles work can be found in many public and private collections and being exhibited through the country.

Miles Halpin sculpture for sale from The Sculpture Park is detailed below:

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Thrust by Miles Halpin
£10,680 inc VAT

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