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Michael Coombs


Michael Coombs studied at Epsom School of Art and Design, followed by a Fine Art Degree at Cardiff University where he was awarded the Student of the Year award. He continued with post graduate studies at Slade School of Fine Art, and a residency at Rijks Academy, Amsterdam. He has taught and lectured widely, in the UK, India, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Gautemala.

Coomb’s work explores our perception of the world. He invites the viewer to look beyond their first impressions and to discover what is really presented to them. He presents casts of everyday objects, which at first allude to things that they are not, creating unexpected and often disturbing twists in the object and the viewer’s perception. On closer inspection, all is disclosed, as the objects reveal their true nature to the viewer. This process of realisation of what you are really seeing is fundamental to his work. John’s Tractor confirms how a singular making process can result in a multifaceted work. By directly casting a tractors in resin-soaked canvas, he has created an ambiguity of contradictions; seemingly soft, but actually hard; apparently solid, but actually hollow;

Michael Coombs sculpture for sale from The Sculpture Park is detailed below:

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  1. John's Tractor by Michael Coombs
    Michael Coombs, John's Tractor, Canvas, Resin and Fibreglass Learn More
  2. Towel by Michael Coombs
    £2,280 + VAT
    Michael Coombs, Towel, Cotton, Resin and Fibreglass Learn More

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