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Martyn Barratt


Much of his work is contemporary in concept and content, and his practice owes much to the skills he learnt in his early trades as a carver and restorer.

Barratt studied wood and stone carving and gilding at London Art School, and an MA in architecture at East London University.

Wood and Glass amoung other materials

His work explores the forms found in fossils, landscapes, flowers, pods, seeds and shells, and he is inspired by the presence and recurrence of these forms in all areas of the natural world – in the movements of smoke, flocks of birds, shoals of fish, the unfurling of a fern or a ram’s horn.

His work has been exhibited internationally, and has completed commissions for many prestigious clients including the BBC and the Palace of Westminster. He was elected to the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1993, and director for the Burghley Sculpture Garden in 1997.

Martyn Barratt sculpture for sale from The Sculpture Park is detailed below:

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  1. Lifeline by Martyn Barratt
    Martyn Barratt, Lifeline, Bronze Learn More
  2. Take Off by Martyn Barratt
    Martyn Barratt, Take Off, Bronze Learn More
  3. Transform by Martyn Barratt
    Martyn Barratt, Transform, Kiln Formed Glass Learn More
  4. Brick Leaf Seat by Martyn Barratt
    Brick Leaf Seat by Martyn Barratt, Stainless Steel , Steel , Other , Various Learn More
  5. Marble leaf Seat III by Martyn Barratt
    Marble leaf Seat III by Martyn Barratt, Marble , Stone , Stainless Steel , Steel , Metal , Various Learn More
  6. Planet Suite by Martyn Barratt
    Planet Suite by Martyn Barratt, Glass , Marble , Stone Learn More

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