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Marjan Wouda

North East of the Netherlands where she grew up on ther family dairy farm, she came to England when she was 19.

Pennine Lancashire and is a mum of 3

Marjan completed a Visual Arts Foundation Course at Manchester Polytechnic, followed by a Fine Art Degree Course where she specialised in sculpture at North East London Polytechnic, it was here she was awarded a First Class Honours Degree. In 1987 Marjan returned to Manchester to complete her art training with an MA in Fine Art.

Initially Marjan works mainly in clay, then casting in bronze and other materials, working from originals that were made from cardboard, clay or wax. Her work ranges from the hand-held pieces in paper, wax, clay or wire, to the larger scale which is often constructed in welded steel.

Wire, Bronze, Clay and welded steal.

Mainly animals

Marjan has work in both public and private exhibitions both in the uk and across the globe. Her pieces can be found in Hong Kong, The Caribbean, London, Greater Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Thyme, Yorkshire and many other locations. Her work is also regularly included in the Chelsea Flower show, and sold by Sotheby’s.

Marjan Wouda sculpture for sale from The Sculpture Park is detailed below:

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  1. Dormouse by Marjan Wouda at The Sculpture Park
    £22,000 + VAT
    Dormouse, Bronze Learn More
  2. Weasel by Marjan Wouda at The Sculpture Park
    £19,500 + VAT
    Weasel, Bronze Learn More
  3. Bird on the Hand by Marjan wouda at The Sculpture Park
    Marjan Wouda, Bird on the hand, Bronze on Slate Plinth Learn More
  4. Giant Crab by Marjan Wouda
    Marjan Wouda, Giant Crab, Bronze Learn More
  5. Running Dogs by Marjan Wouda
    Marjan Wouda, Running Hounds, Bronze Learn More
  6. Unicorn by Marjan Wouda
    £18,000 + VAT
    Marjan Wouda, Unicorn, Bronze Learn More

Grid  List 

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