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  1. Mother and Child by Anon Unknown at The Sculpture Park
    Anon, Unknown, Mother with Child, Bronze on Marble Plinth Learn More
  2. One by Jonathan Loxley at The Sculpture Park
    £5,000 + VAT
    One by Jonathan Loxley, Carra Statuary Marble Learn More
  3. Solitude by Peter Brooke-Ball at The Sculpture Park
    Solitude by Peter Brooke-Ball, Marble and Pewter Learn More
  4. Angel 1993 by James Copper at The Sculpture Park
    Angel 1993 by James Copper, Marble Learn More
  5. Flow by Yuelong Shi at The Sculpture Park
    £3,000 + VAT
    Flow by Yuelong Shi, Marble Learn More
  6. Bust by Eric Chung at The Sculpture Park
    £600 + VAT
    Bust by Eric Chung, Marble Learn More
  7. Tessellation by Hongxun Jin at The Sculpture Park
    Tessellation by Hongxun Jin, Unique Learn More
  8. Kissing Arch by Paul Riley at The Sculpture Park
    Kissing Arch by Paul Riley, from an edition of 5 Learn More
  9. Chrysalis by Kim Francis at The Sculpture Park
    £3,500 + VAT
    Chrysalis by Kim Francis, Carrara Marble & Stainless Steel Learn More
  10. Snettisham by Lucy Unwin at The Sculpture Park
    £4,740 + VAT
    Snettisham by Lucy Unwin, Portuguese Pink Marble Learn More
  11. Albatross by Frederic Chevarin at The Sculpture Park
    Albatross by Frederic Chevarin, Carrara Marble Learn More
  12. The Couple by Anon. Unknown
    The Couple by Anon. Unknown, Marble Learn More
  13. Enlaced by Frederic Chevarin at The Sculpture Park
    Enlaced by Frederic Chevarin , Marble Learn More
  14. Band III by Jonathan Loxley
    Marble , Stone | Unique Learn More
  15. Origin by Jon Loxley
    £21,600 + VAT
    Origin by Jon Loxley, Marble , Stone Learn More
  16. Marble leaf Seat III by Martyn Barratt
    Marble leaf Seat III by Martyn Barratt, Marble , Stone , Stainless Steel , Steel , Metal , Various Learn More
  17. Planet Suite by Martyn Barratt
    Planet Suite by Martyn Barratt, Glass , Marble , Stone Learn More
  18. Irregular Polo by Simon Buchanan
    Irregular Polo by Simon Buchanan, Marble , Stone Learn More
  19. Kiss II by Mel Fraser
    We will be adding details soon about Mel Fraser - Kiss II to this website, for any more information please contact Eddie Powell on 07831 500 506. Learn More
  20. Doodle by Hongxun Jin
    Hongxum Jin, Doodle, White Marble on black granite base, Unique, 120cms high by 73cms wide, Learn More

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