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Jonathan Wylder

Sailsbury, Wiltshire in 1957

He had a one man show of his paintings in Salisbury City Library in 1973. It wasn’t until Jonathan was in his thirties that he began sculpting.

Sculpting in Clay before having his work cast in bronze using the traditional lost wax process.

Jonathan has always been fascinated by the beauty of human form especially in dance. Horses also play a huge part in Jonathan’s inspiration.

One of his more noticeable sculptures is a life-size bronze statue of Milton, who is an international show jumper, ridden by John Whitaker. Another commission was a five-metre high bronze monument for London’s Belgrave Square, which commissioned by the Duke of Westminster to commemorate the first Marquis of Westminster. Another life-size sculpture by Jonathan was commissioned by the Scotsman Newspaper and was unveiled in Edinburgh by Her Majesty The Queen. The Greek God, Atlas was the subject of a life-size portrait that stands over four metres in height, commissioned by Mr Anton Bilton to celebrate the new millennium. This is now a resident at Tyringham Hall. He also done a life sized memorial portrait of Mother Teresa that was unveiled in Calcutta by the Governor of Calcutta at the Sisters of Mercy Convent. Jonathan worked with Olympic swimmer, Sharon Davies OBE who inspired him to do a whopping eight foot long sculpture of a mermaid. His latest project was a life sized portrate of Yasmin le Bon.

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