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Jim Unsworth

Wigan, Lancashire in 1958.

In 1994 he moved to a studio in Bow, London which triggered a change in his work. Large abstract sculptures gave way to figurative works on the theme of the circus, A strong narrative element became important and the form of the elephant in particular took precedence, not only in large welded steel sculptures but in smaller modeled versions cast in bronze. Personal relationship to elephants in particular, childhood memories and early experiences of the circus. Seeing the elephant for the first time and the wonderment that something so awkward yet ultimately so sophisticated could exist in the world.

Fine Art at Reading University.

CAREER: After reading fine art at Reading University he worked for 14 years in a studio in Greenwich amongst other sculptors who gained a reputation for making welded steel sculptures. In 1991 he exhibited in Kunst Europa at the Kuntsverein in Kirchzarten Freiburg, part of a nationwide exhibition of European Artists in Germany.

Forged and Welded Steel.

Mans relationship to animals, in particular the elephants inspires him to want to express his ideas through them. He uses the elephant as a motif or vehicle to express complex ideas about the world we live in. He sees them as both a metaphor both for man’s relationship to animals and for man’s relationship to himself; the nature of wild; captive or tame; the nature of freedom and control; the nature of partnership and individuality.

In 1991 he exhibited in Kunst Europe

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