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Introducing 'Freedom' by Steve Wood and Clive Morris. Monumental Harley-Davidson at the sculpture park

'Freedom' by Steve Wood and Clive Morris, proudly displayed at the sculpture park!

Freedom by Steve Wood and Clive Morris

Here at the sculpture park, we are delighted to showcase 'Freedom'. This 5-ton 1991 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy is the largest bronze motorcycle sculpture in the world!

Clive Morris personally unveiling this magnificent beast On Sunday 6th of March. The unveiling was met with the applause of many Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, who came to show their appreciation.

Harley-Davidson enthusiasts from the Hogsback chapter and III Rivers UK Chapter
An excited crowd awaiting the grand unveiling
Artist Clive Morris unveils Freedom at The Sculpture Park


'Freedom' is a well-travelled sculpture. It was originally released from the foundry in Braintree in 2003. After this, 'Freedom' made the 4,500 mile journey to Milwaukee, USA, where Harley-Davidson was founded. Upon her voyage, she was accompanied by many enthusiasts of this iconic motorbike. This excellent adventure was documented by Steve and Clive with over 40 hours of film footage.

Clive and Steve pose with a full-scale plaster cast of the sculpture, prior to it being sent to the foundry

Coming home:

The next 18 years were spent in America, until eventually the artists decided to relocate their sculpture, finally returning it to the UK. 'Freedom' is now on display at The Sculpture Park in Churt, Surrey, UK.

A group of bikers pose in awe of the monumental sculpture
'Freedom' at her current parking spot within the Surrey hills

Nestled within the Surrey hills, you will simply love our tranquil outdoor sculpture Park and gallery set in 10 acres of woodland and koi carp ponds. Everything, including the above piece is for sale. To visit 'Freedom' or view our other delightful sculptures, please click the button bellow!

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