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International Women's Day 2019

International Women's Day 2019

International Women's Day is celebrated this year on 8th March. To recognise this important day we would like to share a selection of amazing sculptures by some of the female artists that exhibit at The Sculpture Park.
We are immensely proud to represent such incredibly talented sculptors and hope you enjoy their works as much as we do.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the female sculptors whose work we display here at the park, but is a selection from some of our most popular current artists.

All our female artists deserve to be celebrated equally, and as such we are very grateful to each and every amazing artist whose work we have the privilege of displaying at our park.

I Spirit by Teresa Wells 
Bronze on Stone covered base
Edition 1 of 9
180cm high by 100cm wide by 130cm deep

I Spirit by Teresa Wells at The Sculpture Park 4I Spirit by Teresa Wells at The Sculpture Park 6I Spirit by Teresa Wells at The Sculpture ParkTeresa Wells ProfileTeresa Wells with "I Spirit"; a sculpture that embodies the spirit of freedom from oppression and self doubt while promoting survival, in a powerful female form. A fitting message for International Women's Day.

Graduating from Loughborough University with a MA in Fine Art and Design, in 2007, Teresa Wells was awarded a grant enabling her to produce her first solo show and establish a studio at Harborough Magna in the Midlands. A skilled maker, she understands the bronze casting process first hand, after taking up an eight month residency in Shropshire, culminating in her producing the highly successful “I Spirit”.

Teresa Wells creates emotive figurative sculptures in bronze, that celebrate humankind's physical and emotional survival over adversity. Inspired by the question “How do Humans Behave”, she draws inspiration from the contours of athletes and ballet dancers to emphasise a physical strength, placing them in precarious poses to stress fragility.

Pollination bees and butterflies by Ruth Moilliet
Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium
Edition of 5
135 cms diameter

Visit Pollination of Bees and Butterflies

Large Pollination Bees & Butterflies by Ruth Moilliet at The Sculpture Park

Sun Canopy II by Ruth Moilliet
Stainless Steel
Anodized Aluminium sculpture
400cm high, 280cm wide, 280cm deep

Visit Sun Canopy II

Sun Canopy II by Ruth Moilliet at The Sculpture Park

Ruth Moilliet with 'Canopy II'
Ruth Studied a Foundation in Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, and continued onto a BA Honours course in Fine Art (Sculpture) and then a Masters degree in Art as Environment.

She has won numerous awards, including the AHRB Postgraduate Professional and Vocational Award to study her MA, the North West Arts Board, Setting Up Scheme Award and Placement in 2001-2003 and Best Bespoke Accessory for ‘Allium’ in the Design and Decoration Awards 2004. She exhibits at numerous prestigious solo and group exhibitions throughout the UK and has completed commissions for Kew Gardens, The Oasis of the Seas cruise ship, and many luxury hotels, public gardens and commercial developments. Moilliet produces highly finished metal and glass sculptures inspired by the plant kingdom. In her work she aims to draw the viewer’s attention to both the overall spectacle and individual beauty of a flower.

Ruth Moilliet's Sun Canopy at The Sculpture Park 310

Icarus II by Nicola Godden ARBS
Edition of 12
173cms high by 165cms wide by 140cms deep

Nicola studied sculpture at West Surrey College of Art and Design. She was given her first commission through the landscape garden designer Roddy Lewellyn and was featured in his book 'Beautiful Backyards'.
She has since created many large commissions including the twice life sized Hammersmith Man figure which was unveiled by George Melly in 1987 and the Peter Scott memorial sculpture for The Wildfowl and Wetlands site at Barnes which was unveiled by David Attenborough in 2000.

Icarus I was commissioned for the Olympics 2012 and was placed in the central competitor’s area in the Olympic Village.

Visit Icarus II

Icarus II by Nicola Godden ARBS at The Sculpture Park

Hope by Ferri Farahmandi
160cm High, 52cm Wide, 56cm Deep

Ferri grew up in a typical Persian family in a coastal town in the south of Iran, surrounded by barren land and a harsh desolate coastline. She came from a creative environment and enjoyed exploring multiple media particularly clay. However, the priority was to gain an academic education followed by marriage and family so it wasn’t until moving to England and raising her children that her artistic career began

Ferri has always been interested in nature, and its influence is evident in her work. She is particularly drawn to the human form where she feel the wealth of expression and possibilities are limitless. In her current work she is examining how society restricts our lives, demonstrating the boundaries to our freedom. She is exploring this theory through the female form which she feels allows for greater communication of both emotional and physical nuances. She hand builds using coiling technique, and her pieces are finished by burnishing, followed by smoke firing. This process infuses the surface of her sculptures with captivating visual textures and delicate patterns.

Visit Hope

Hope by Ferri Farahmandi at The Sculpture Park

Iron Stag by Dido Crosby
Cast Iron
Edition of 6
210cm high by 205cm wide by 101cm deep

Dido Crosby lives and works in London and has a zoology degree at Oxford University, a welding diploma at Poplar and a second BA in Sculpture at Central St Martin’s.
Crosby's sculptures of animals concentrate on form and functionality. They are created in clay, wax or plaster then cast in bronze or iron.

Visit Iron Stag

Iron Stag by Dido Crosby at The Sculpture Park

Weasel by Marjan Wouda
Edition Signed and Numbered 1 of 3

Marjan Wouda was born in the Netherlands and grew up on her family’s small dairy farm. She came to England when she was 19 and four years later embarked on a Visual Arts Foundation Course at Manchester Polytechnic. This followed with a Fine Art Degree Course - specialising in sculpture - at North East London Polytechnic, at the completion of which she was awarded a First Class Honours Degree. In 1987 Marjan returned to Manchester to complete her formal art training with an MA in Fine Art (Sculpture).Marjan works with a range of materials and scales and has contributed to several major touring exhibitions.

Visit Weasel

Weasel by Marjan Wood at The Sculpture Park

Agapanthus by Jenny Pickford 
Forged Steel & Blown Glass
500cm high

Pickford is a contemporary artist blacksmith, designing and making unique sculptures, water features and architectural ironwork. She is highly regarded as one of the country’s leading female artist blacksmiths. Combining her knowledge of blacksmithing with glass blowing she gives her work a feminine and sensual perspective. Using the perspectives of Lewis Carroll, whilst paying homage to nature, Jenny creates truly unique, enthralling and spiritual designs.

Visit Agapanthus

Agapanthus by Jenny Pickford at The Sculpture Park

Bulls by Maria Bayardo 
Corten Steel
1.86mhigh by 4.50mwide by 2.40m deep

Maria Bayardo spent 20 years working in the entertainment industry but it was not until she was 43 years old that she completed a Master Degree in sculpture at Escuela Superior de Artes y Oficios in Toledo, Spain. She has since dedicated her life to art and her work has been universally recognised, exhibiting in Mexico, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, New York and London.

Visit Bulls

Bulls by Maria Bayardo at The Sculpture Park

Passion Flower by Maylee Christie
Stainless Steel Glass Mosaic & Enamel
335cms High, 210cms Wide, 200cms Deep

Maylee Christie was a successful illustrator and writer of children’s books in Madrid, Spain.
After moving to the UK in 1999, Maylee became involved in the ancient art of Byzantine mosaics at the Mosaics Art School in Ravenna, which lead her to pursue a Masters of Mosaics in Venice with Orsoni. While working in Italy, Maylee also collaborated with other mosaic artists, renowned innovators and creators of new mosaic styles. "Mosaic is my own way of being a child again, playing happily for hours on end with hundreds of different materials in a world of make believe."

Visit Passion Flower

Passion Flower by Maylee Christee at The Sculpture Park
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