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  1. Towel by Michael Coombs
    £2,736 inc VAT
    Michael Coombs, Towel, Cotton, Resin and Fibreglass Learn More
  2. Split Infinity by Michael Marriot
    Michael Marriott, Split Infinity, Stainless Steel and Glass Learn More
  3. Burr Walnut Bowl by Michael McManus
    Michael McManus, Burr Walnut Bowl Learn More
  4. Five Giant Conkers by Michael McManus
    Michael McManus, Five Giant Conkers, Horse-chestnut Learn More
  5. Touch by Mieke DeWeerdt
    £2,599.99 inc VAT
    Mieke DeWeerdt, Touch, Bronze Learn More
  6. Sentinel by Patricia Volk
    £2,340 inc VAT
    Patricia Volk, Sentinel, Stoneware Learn More
  7. Totem Head III by Patricia Volk
    Patricia Volks, Totem Head III, Stoneware Learn More
  8. Les Errants by Paul Befayt
    £3,240 inc VAT
    Paul Befayt, Les Errants, Bronze Learn More
  9. Warm by Peter Brook-Ball
    Peter Brook-Ball, For Warmth, Ancaster Stone Learn More
  10. Pensiero by Raffaella Benetti
    Raffaella Benetti, Pensiero, Bronze and Wood Learn More
  11. Lulu by Raffaella Benetti
    £1,998 inc VAT
    Raffaella Benetti Lulu Learn More
  12. 19th Century Hunter and Hounds with Kill
    19th Century Hunter and Hounds with Kill, Painted Bronze Learn More
  13. Born to Run by Chelsea Renton
    Chelsea Renton, Born To Run, Bronze Learn More
  14. Grebe with Chicks by Chris Hindley
    Chris Hindley, Grebe with Chicks, Painted Wood Learn More
  15. Gannet by David Cooke
    £2,340 inc VAT
    David Cooke, Gannet, Stoneware Learn More
  16. Nineteen by Anon. Unknown at The Sculpture Park
    £2,400 inc VAT
    Nineteen by Anon. Unknown, Bronze Learn More
  17. Snail Feather and Butterfly by Frank Edmunds
    Snail Feather and Butterfly by Frank Edmunds, Bronze , Metal Learn More
  18. People Ladder by Ann Vrielinck
    People Ladder by Ann Vrielinck, Bronze , Metal Learn More

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