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  1. Bull on Byre by David Mayne
    £3,600 inc VAT
    David Mayne, Bull on Byre, Iron and Steel on Wood Base Learn More
  2. Bolero by Dorothy Brook
    £8,640 inc VAT
    Dorothy Brook, Bolero, Bronze Learn More
  3. Embrace by Ferri Farahmandi
    £6,300 inc VAT
    Ferri Farahmandi, Embrace, Stoneware Learn More
  4. Homage to Dobson by James Matthews
    James Matthews, Homage to Dobson, Bronze Learn More
  5. Introspection by James Matthews
    James Matthews, Introspection, Bronze Learn More
  6. Humpback Whale Weathervane by Karen Melody Green
    Karen Melody Green, Born Washington 1968, Humpback Whale Weathervane Learn More
  7. Sitting Baboon by Lucy Kinsella
    Lucy Kinsella, Sitting Baboon, Bronze Learn More
  8. The Twins by Lucy Kinsella
    £3,600 inc VAT
    Lucy Kinsella, The Twins, Bronze on Oak Plinth Learn More
  9. Giant Anteater by Lucy Kinsella
    Lucy Kinsella, Giant Anteater, Bronze Resin Learn More
  10. Grey Heron by Martin Scorey
    £1,728 inc VAT
    Martin Scorey, Grey Heron, Reclaimed Douglas Fir Learn More
  11. Boxing Hares by Martin Scorey
    Martin Scorey, Boxing Hares, Bronze Learn More
  12. Driftwood Creature by Martin Scorey
    Martin Scorey, Driftwood Creature Learn More
  13. The Great White Polar Bear by Paul Smith
    Paul Smith, The Great White Bear, Slate Resin Learn More
  14. Double Figures
    £960 inc VAT
    Double Dance Duo, Stainless Steel on Marble Plinth Learn More
  15. See no Evil by Eddie Masaya
    Eddie Masaya, See no Evil, Spring Stone Learn More
  16. Faun by Ekkehard Altenburger
    Ekkehard Altenburger, Faun, Laminated Estremos Marble and Irish Blue Limestone Learn More
  17. Fantastic Fin at The Sculpture Park
    £4,032 inc VAT
    Fantastic Fin, Wood Learn More
  18. The Bishop's Pom Pom by Frances Doherty
    Frances Doherty, The Bishop's Pom Pom (green), Stoneware Learn More

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