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Ian Nutting



Iain’s passion for art and conservation began as a child and has been a theme throughout his life. Iain was first introduced to the idea of conservation by his primary school teacher. The awareness of how expanding populations of people were destroying rainforests and the natural habitat of animals was something that Iain recalls finding both interesting and at the same time disturbing. It was also at primary school that Iain’s artistic roots can be seen, where from a young age he produced paintings and harboured the ambition to become a successful artist.

After leaving school Iain completed a foundation course at the Canterbury College of Art and went on to study sculpture at St. Martins School of Art (1981-1983) It was while at St. Martins that the themes of art, nature and conservation really started to overlap and become a focal point in Iain’s life and work

After graduating Iain used his carving, modelling, welding and casting skills to secure a position as a conservation technician at the Tate Gallery, and later as an assistant to the sculptor Anthony Gormley. During the 90’s he also worked freelance for Taylor Pearce, a sculpture restoration firm in London. Working with such prestigious individuals and organizations had an important impact on Iain’s development and the focus of his own sculpture. Working with Anthony Gormley, Iain was afforded the invaluable experience of working alongside a successful professional sculptor. With the Tate Gallery and Taylor Pearce, Iain was able to observe, handle and examine at close quarters a great variety of the world’s finest works of art – including pieces from Africa, and many highly valued pieces of 19th and 20th century European and American art. He was also involved in exhibitions at the Royal Academy, as well as working on the Royal collection, restoration projects at Windsor Castle, for the V&A, the Palace of Westminster and Lincoln Cathedral.

Reclaimed steel


Iain has had regular exhibitions of his work including showings at the RA Summer Show, art galleries and regular attendance at prestigious art fairs, such as Art London.

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