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  1. Horse Head by Brendan Hesmondhalgh at The Sculpture Park
    Horse Head by Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Hand Built Stoneware, Ceramic, Unique  Learn More
  2. Sitting with your neighbour by Jona at The Sculpture Park
    Sitting with your neighbour by Jona, Wood Learn More
  3. Rearing Horse by Anon Unknown
    Rearing Horse by Anon Unknown, Driftwood Learn More
  4. Moodius Centaurus by Andrew Sinclair at The Sculpture Park
    Moodius Centaurus by Andrew Sinclair, Bronze Resin Learn More
  5. Centaur by Dumas at The Sculpture Park
    £600 + VAT
    Centaur by Dumas, Bronze Learn More
  6. Caballo De Malaga by Maria Bayardo at The Sculpture Park
    Caballo De Malaga by Maria Bayardo, Bronze Learn More
  7. Riders of the Storm by Sean Crampton at The Sculpture Park
    Riders of the Storm by Sean Crampton, Bronze Learn More
  8. Enzo Plazzotta, Carmargue Horses, Bronze, From an Edition of 6 at The Sculpture Park
    Camargue Horses by Enzo Plazzotta, Bronze Learn More
  9. Horse Head Sculpture at The Sculpture Park
    Horse Head by Anon Unknown, Wood Learn More
  10. The Sentinel by Bob Crutchley at The Sculpture Park
    The Sentinel by Bob Crutchley, Bronze Learn More
  11. Balios (Monumental) by David Meredith
    Bronze , Metal Resin | Edition of 8 Learn More
  12. Horse Head by Bob Crutchley
    Bronze , Metal | Signed Learn More
  13. Trojan Horse by Antonia Spowers
    Trojan Horse by Antonia Spowers , Copper , Steel , Metal , Various , Wood Learn More
  14. Warhorse Head by Haliday Avray-Wilson at The Sculpture Park
    Halliday Avray Wilson, Born 1967, Warhorse Head, Bronze, Signed and Numbered 1 of 4, 86cms. high, Learn More
  15. Horseriding by Quentin Clemence
    Quentin Clemence, Born 1956, Horseriding, Bronze, Signed, 64cms. high We will be adding details soon about Quentin Clemence - Horseriding to this website, for any more information please contact Eddie Powell on 07831 500 506. Learn More
  16. Jovis by Frank Edmunds
    £15,000 + VAT
    Frank Edmonds, Jovis, Bronze, Signed, 135cms high, Learn More
  17. Arkle by Halliday Avray-Wilson
    Halliday Avray-Wilson, Arkle, Bronze Learn More
  18. Gallop by Chang Feng
    £3,900 + VAT
    Gallop by Chang Feng, Bronze , Metal Learn More

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