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Harriet Mead

From an early age Harriet developed a keen interest in wildlife due to the influence of her late father, Chris Mead. Chris was a well known author and broadcaster. It was his passion for birds and nearly forty years of research, and latterly publicity for the British Trust for Ornithology gave Harriet an appreciation of the natural beauty of birds and animals. She was encouraged to observe British wildlife and was fortunate to have cats, dogs and horses to watch, draw and enjoy. Harriet uses her own personal experience and observation to provide the subject matter for my work and have traveled to various places around the world, including Asia and Africa.

Animals and birds are the inspiration for my work.

Harriet uses steel to create her sculptures as it enables her to capture the movement of the subject and balance the pieces in a way that would be impossible if she was to use more traditional materials. Harriet trys to capture the essence of the animal without sentimentality and use the steel in a sympathetic way to outline the strength and muscle structure of the subject, she likes to capture something of the quiet presence of an animal and not necessarily the drama. I use scrap steel as the rust creates a wonderful organic surface sympathetic to the subject.”

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