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Father's Day Gift from The Sculpture Park

Just what Father's Day Gift do you buy for the man who has everything?

Or any man for that matter? New and exciting gifts for men are so hard to come by. Here at The Sculpture Park we have what we think is an inspirational gift for that all important man in your life:

The Tit Box - Our Father's Day Gift Idea

Father's Day Gift - Titbox - Brown Father's Day Gift - Brown Tit Box by Wilfred Pritchard
Father's Day Gift - Titbox - Green Father's Day Gift - Green Tit Box by Wilfred Pritchard










This amusing, creative and functional bird box is the brainchild of The Sculpture Park's very own Wilfred Pritchard. It comes in three colours; Green, Brown and Pink and offers a comfortable home for the most discerning of small garden birds.  Any bird watchers can just sit back with their binoculars and observe this intriguing site (or sight) of ornithology.

The design is perfect for many hole-nesting birds like sparrows, redstarts and flycatchers. It is also particularly suited to Britain's most popular and ubiquitous species - namely the "titmouse" family! The blue, great and coal tits number some 15 million individuals. It is hoped this humorous yet practical and durable abode will encourage many more people to provide nesting sites for these adorable birds.

The Tit Box makes an interesting addition to any garden wall, fence or tree and will give a home to wildlife as well as being an interesting conversation piece. Any ornithologist will be delighted to watch his beloved birds flitting in and out of their new home, bringing grass, twigs and feathers to line their nest, or food for their newly hatched chicks.

So, for your next Father's Day Gift, head to The Sculpture Park's website to buy your Tit Box online.


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