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Emmanuel Changunda


“If it had not been for my own persistence, my journey to becoming an artist almost certainly wouldn`t have happened. I had a passion for art in my younger years but didn`t go to art school. Instead I went to church, which turned out to be my circuitous route into becoming an artists and sculptor. On my way to church at Silveira House Catholic Mission I would pass through the workshop of the late Internationally acclaimed artist / sculptor Amos Supuni. As an untrained youngster I would drop in and ask about learning sculpture and whether I could become his apprentice. For a long time Amos refused to entertain the idea, until one day my persistence finally wore him down and he eventually agreed to me becoming his apprentice. I worked for Amos for three years and it was the best apprenticeship in Shona stone sculpting that any young man could have dreamt of.”


Emmanuel Changunda sculpture for sale from The Sculpture Park is detailed below

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