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Draped Figure - Stone Sculpture - New Installation

Draped Figure by Bobbie Fennick

The Sculpture Park are delighted with their new, haunting addition to the outdoor sculpture trail - Draped Figure by Bobbie Fennick.

Draped Figure Stone SculptureThis Portland stone carving stands at 165 cm tall and gives the illusion of fabric, draped over a solitary figure. The flow of the material skims the body beneath, creating a mysterious yet elegant and lifelike sculpture.

The piece proved popular on social media...

On Facebook, it received many likes and comments including:

"Ooo that is beautiful   Though I find the side and back views kinda melancholic, but any view that shows the “face” area kinda creepy. But I do love it." - Sarah-Jane Hall

"What a stunning piece!" - Sarah Smith


"Haunting but it makes me instantly feel so saddened" - Donna Gibling

On Instagram, the last count was 459 likes and it attracted comments like:

"That's so clever, I really thought it might have been unveiled at the last photo ?" - @earthbornandwild

"Ooooh I like this- simple but impactful" - @jacqui_marie_dabell


"Really exceptional carving talent ???" - @humphrey_lahtiart

The talented artist and creator of this exceptional piece, Bobbie Fennick, has had an affiliation with stone carving ever since she was gifted a lump of limestone…

In her own words:

‘I knew I had found a focus for my work that would grow and engage me for the rest of my life.

I felt I had come full-circle via a relationship with a material that promises endless possibilities, enriched by my long-standing fascination with geology and architectural form. Enrolling in a course in Stonemasonry and, later, Historical Stone Carving further provided me with a fascination for architectural history and the experiments and achievements of stonemasons and carvers through the ages. I felt intimately linked to the evolution of the material in all it's aspects of physical and human history.’

Draped Figure Stone FigureDraped Figure by Bobbie Fennick is on display at The Sculpture Park and available to buy online the website:


Bobbie will be donating the artists proceeds from the sale of this piece to charity.

A full delivery and installation service is available and shipping can be arranged to all corners of the globe.

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