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Charles Bran

Guildford, 1991

Farnham, Surrey

Father is a well renowned and successful sculptor and dealer

Bran has been surrounded with art from the start of his formative years. Growing up in this environment, he worked his weekends and summers at a The Sculpture Park, and the early seeds had been sown.
After completing his education, he spent some time travelling and working abroad, in Australia, India, Thailand, Cambodia, and West Africa, working a variety of menial jobs, digging ditches etc, allowing him time to think of ideas and designs for works of his own.

Following his return from travelling, he went into full time employment at the sculpture park, deciding that hands on contact with sculpture itself would be a more suitable learning environment for him personally, having witnessed many of his contemporaries failing to find employment even though they held first class honours degrees.
Over the years Bran came into contact with thousands of pieces of modern and contemporary artwork along with the budding and established artists who made them. From his encounters with sculpture he found a passion for the aesthetics and feel of the very material present in the art, human and natural world. His attachment to so many different mediums leads Bran to create work with a vast mixture of material but with underlining objectives to maintain balance and form

Bronze , Copper , Lead , Stainless Steel , Steel , Metal , Various

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