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  1. Feline Recline by Francony Kowalski
    Frankony Kowalski, Feline Recline, Concrete, steel, ceramic and glass, Unique, 164 cms high, Learn More
  2. Big Jug by Amanda Duncan
    £1,152 inc VAT
    Amanda Duncan, Big Jug, Stoneware Learn More
  3. Ecstacy of Time No 5 by Ann Goodfellow
    Ann Goodfellow, Born 1952, Ecstacy of Time No 5 Learn More
  4. Ecstacy of Time No 7 by Ann Goodfellow
    Ann Goodfellow, Born 1952, Ecstacy of Time No 7 Learn More
  5. Diving Gannets by Simon Griffiths
    Simon Griffiths, Diving Gannets, Stoneware on Board Learn More
  6. The Lion by Stephen Hunton
    Stephen Hunton, The Lion, Stoneware Learn More
  7. The Lioness by Stephen Hunton
    Stephen Hunton, The Lioness, Stoneware Learn More
  8. Cushions Wall Plaque by Regina Heinz
    Regina Heinz, Cushions Wall Plaque, Stoneware Learn More
  9. Siren I by Paul Riley
    £2,880 inc VAT
    Paul Riley, Siren I, Stoneware on Wood Plinth Learn More
  10. Vaso, Grigio Estrusco by Ambrogio Pozzi
    Ambrogio Pozzi, Vaso, Grigio Estrusco,Stoneware Learn More
  11. Infinity and its Shadow by David Cooke
    David Cooke, Infinity and its Shadow, Stoneware Learn More
  12. Childs Chair by Ben Nicolas
    £1,728 inc VAT
    Ben Nicolas, Childs Chair, Stoneware Learn More
  13. Fox by Brendan Hesmondhalgh
    Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Fox, Stoneware Learn More
  14. Raven by Colin Kellam
    £1,728 inc VAT
    Colin Kellam, Raven, Stoneware Learn More
  15. Spanish Dancers by Dawn Van Gurven
    Dawn Van Gerven, Spanish Dancers, Individually Handmade Ceramic Tiles Learn More
  16. Giant Delights of Eden Sundae by Dennis Kilgallon
    Dennis Kilgallon, Giant Delights of Eden Sundae, Stoneware Learn More
  17. Embrace by Ferri Farahmandi
    £6,300 inc VAT
    Ferri Farahmandi, Embrace, Stoneware Learn More
  18. Grace by Ferri Farahmandi at the sculpture park
    £4,500 inc VAT
    Ferri Farahmandi, Grace, Stoneware Learn More

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