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  1. Embrace by Ferri Farahmandi
    Ferri Farahmandi, Embrace, Stoneware Learn More
  2. Grace by Ferri Farahmandi
    Ferri Farahmandi, Grace, Stoneware Learn More
  3. Serene by Ferri Farahmandi
    £5,750.02 + VAT
    Ferri Farahmandi, Serene, Stoneware Learn More
  4. Giant Strawberry
    £720 + VAT
    Giant Strawberry, Stoneware Learn More
  5. Tourterelle by Marilyn Vergne
    Marilyn Vergne, Tourterelle, Stoneware Learn More
  6. Pugwash's Vessel by Mark Smith
    Mark Smith, Pugwash's Vessel, Stoneware Learn More
  7. Passion Flower by Maylee Christie
    Maylee Christe, Passion Flower, Stainless Steel Glass Mosaic & Enamel Learn More
  8. Luna Moth Chrysalis by Maylee Christie
    Maylee Christie, Luna Moth Chrysalis, Glass and Jewel Mosaic Learn More
  9. Sentinel by Patricia Volk
    Patricia Volk, Sentinel, Stoneware Learn More
  10. Totem Head III by Patricia Volk
    Patricia Volks, Totem Head III, Stoneware Learn More
  11. Greyhounds by Rosie Sturgiss
    Rosie Sturgiss, Greyhounds, Cement Fondue Learn More
  12. A Barn Owl by David Cooke
    David Cooke, A Barn Owl, Stoneware Learn More
  13. Gannet by David Cooke
    £1,950 + VAT
    David Cooke, Gannet, Stoneware Learn More
  14. Albatross Project at The Sculpture Park
    Albatross Project (lines detachable), Ceramic Learn More
  15. King Owl by David Cooke
    £1,920 + VAT
    David Cooke, King Owl, Stoneware Learn More
  16. Bovine Venus by Eve Shepherd
    Bovine Venus by Eve Shepherd, Ceramic Learn More
  17. Deity Head by Patricia Volk at The Sculpture Park
    Deity Head by Patricia Volk, Ceramic , Stoneware Learn More
  18. Greyhound on Circle by Brendan Hesmondhalgh
    Ceramic , Stoneware | Unique Learn More
  19. Conversation by Eleanor Swan
    Ceramic , Stoneware | Unique Learn More
  20. Plate by Mihai Topescu at The Sculpture Park
    Plate by Mihai Topescu, Ceramic Learn More

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