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Visitors often ask us: ‘Do you sell many sculptures?’ ‘Who are the people that buy sculpture?’ ‘Where do the sculptures go?’ Well, we do sell many sculptures, which is why our trail around the park is always changing with pieces being sold and new work coming in. In this post we would like to share with you the happy travels of some of our sculptures to their new homes in 2016.

Animal Sculptures Migrate to Austria

We had a variety of mild steel animal sculptures made by Saraj Guha. They had been a feature of The Sculpture Park for many years and were very popular. A few of them were listed on our online catalogue and an inquiry came in from Austria from a delightful lady looking for some wildlife sculpture for her garden. We sent her photos of all the animals we had and she quickly decided to take six; two Warthogs, a pony, a baby giraffe, a hippo and a gazelle! Once shipping had been arranged, they were cleaned, polished and wrapped ready for their 995 mile, door to door journey. They are now happily wallowing in their new, Austrian habitat

Hippo wallows happily in new home Hippo wallows happily in new home
Pony in the flower beds Pony in the flower beds
Wild boars from The Sculpture Park roam new Austrian home Wild boars from The Sculpture Park roam new Austrian home
Giraffe from The Sculpture Park in New 'African' garden in Austria Giraffe from The Sculpture Park in New 'African' garden in Austria


Spearhead Finds New Home in New York

In February, we received an e-mail from a charming New York resident who had been looking to make his own steel sculpture for his garden. Having studied the work involved he realised he would be far better off purchasing a sculpture instead. He found our ‘Spearhead’ to be the perfect piece as it is polished stainless steel with craftsmanship of the highest quality.  He bought the sculpture which we arranged to be shipped to America and was soon installed in his garden on the cliffs facing the west side of the Hudson River:

Spearhead from The Sculpture park Spearhead Sculpture in New York Garden
Spearhead from The Sculpture park in new York New Home Stainless Steel Sculpture in New York

Sculpture with base

Shona Sculpture Becomes Centrepiece for Garden Party

We received an online inquiry for one of our sculptures which turned out to be too small for the space. On asking the customer for her requirements, we managed to find another piece (not yet uploaded to the website) which was perfect: within budget, the right size and style. The customer informed us that they wanted to buy sculpture that could be delivered and installed ready for their garden party on Sunday! It was now Wednesday and they were 190 miles away! We immediately whipped into action; moving, polishing and loading the sculpture ready for delivery. On Friday we were at the customer’s home, laying the foundations and installing the piece which became pride of place for their party that weekend.

Stone Sculpture from The Sculpture Park Shona Sculpture from The Sculpture Park ready for Garden Party
Shona Sculpture from the sculpture park with new owner Oscar and Nick with sculptures and happy new owner
Shona Sculpture from The Sculpture park Sculpture in new home with Oscar and Nick

Driftwood Reindeer Arrives in Time for Christmas!

As a result of her online search to buy sculpture, an enchanting lady found the perfect piece on our website for her garden – a driftwood Reindeer Stag. She was looking forward to seeing her grandson’s face when he discovered the new garden resident. She also decided to compliment her own, growing sculpture garden with a large marble piece. We delivered and installed both sculptures at her home, much to her delight and that of her elated grandson

Reindeer Stag bought from The Sculpture Park Grandson very pleased with his new friend
Marble Sculpture bought from The Sculpture Park Marble Sculpture with new delighted owners

Friends Buy Sculpture for Group Birthday Gift

A group of friends decided to club together to buy sculpture for a special birthday. They knew their friend loved one of our pieces by Belgium artist Jacque Vanroose so decided this was the perfect gift. One of the group contacted The Sculpture Park to secure the piece and collected donations from the rest of the party. We think this is a fabulous idea and great way to mark a special occasion. This is why we set up The Sculpture Gift List; an easy way to mark a milestone birthday, anniversary or wedding.

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