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Experience peace and tranquility in 10 acres of woodland and wildlife-inhabited water-gardens. An ecclectic exhibition of sculpture, to view and purchase, adorns the 2-mile trail. Lose yourself in art and nature. Please pre-book limited tickets here:


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Bob Oakes

Born and raised in Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Bob studied in Cheltenham before embarking upon a teaching career in Nottingham, at the Elle Guilford School, for three years.

It was at an International Conference for Blacksmiths at Herford College in 1980 that Bob realised that the old role of the village blacksmith had disappeared in favour of modern commercial fabricators and farriers with portable forges on which to fabricate shoes. Architectural blacksmithing seemed the way forward and Bob began a career as an artisan blacksmith apprenticed to Frank Bottomly in 1982 before moving to Hackthorn three years or so later so he could work from a forge of his own. Bob moved to his current forge in 2001, a substantially larger premises, that allows him to run courses to pass the craft on into new hands.

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