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  1. Tanya Russell, Sitting Newfoundland, Bronze Resin, 86cm high, 40cm wide, 100cm deep, The Sculpture Park
    Sitting Newfoundland by Tanya Russell, Bronze Resin Learn More
  2. Luck in Freedom by Miguel Angel Martin del Campo Serrano at The Sculpture Park
    Luck in Freedom by Miguel Angel Martin del Campo Serrano, Bronze Learn More
  3. Arion by Philip Maskery at The Sculpture Park
    £36,000 + VAT
    Arion by Philip Maskery, Stainless Steel Learn More
  4. Circus Seal by David Norris at The Sculpture Park
    Circus Seal by David Norris, Bronze Learn More
  5. Victorian Bird Cage with Taxidermy Song Thrush at The Sculpture Park
    Victorian Bird Cage with Taxidermy Song Thrush by Anon Unknown, Taxidermy Learn More
  6. Jovis by Frank Edmunds
    £15,000 + VAT
    Frank Edmonds, Jovis, Bronze, Signed, 135cms high, Learn More
  7. Dog with Monkey by Olivia Clifton-Bligh
    Olivia Clifton-Bligh, Dog with Monkey, Bronze Learn More
  8. Anon, Sheep, Bronze, The Sculpture Park
    £350 + VAT
    Sheep by Anon Unknown, Bronze Learn More
  9. Moodius Centaurus by Andrew Sinclair at The Sculpture Park
    Moodius Centaurus by Andrew Sinclair, Bronze Resin Learn More
  10. Amorous Rhinoceros by B.C. Zheng at The Sculpture Park
    Amorous Rhinoceros by B.C. Zheng, Bronze Learn More
  11. Buzzard by John Cox
    £1,440 + VAT
    John Cox, Buzzard, Bronze Learn More
  12. Hawk by Walenty Pytel
    £2,200 + VAT
    Hawk by Walenty Pytel, Steel , Metal Learn More
  13. Pegasus at The Sculpture Park
    Pegasus by Anon Unknown, Driftwood Learn More
  14. Baboon by Lucy Kinsella at The Sculpture Park
    £1,800 + VAT
    Baboon by Lucy Kinsella, Resin Learn More
  15. Seagull by Martin Scorey
    £1,800 + VAT
    Seagull by Martin Scorey, Lead , Metal , Steel , Wood Learn More
  16. Howling Dog II by Paul Jenkins
    Bronze , Metal | Unknown Edition Learn More
  17. Polar Bear by Richard Lawrence
    Richard Lawrence, Polar Bear, Bronze Learn More
  18. Whale Bone Balance by Wilfred Pritchard
    Wilfred Pritchard, Born 1970, Whale Bone Balance, Signed and numbered 2 from an edition of 3, 170cms;67ins high by 157cms;62ins wide Learn More
  19. Kissing Giraffes by Fannie Mupanga at The Sculpture Park
    Kissing Giraffes by Fannie Mupanga, Opal Stone Learn More

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