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  1. Valentino Dobica, Turkey, Bronze, 21cm high, 14cm wide, 15cm deep, The Sculpture Park
    Turkey by Valentino Dobica, Bronze Learn More
  2. Moodius Centaurus by Andrew Sinclair at The Sculpture Park
    Moodius Centaurus by Andrew Sinclair, Bronze Resin Learn More
  3. Anniversary by Tracy Chatsama
    Anniversary by Tracy Chatsama, Opal Stone Learn More
  4. Tourterelle by Marilyn Vergne
    Marilyn Vergne, Tourterelle, Stoneware Learn More
  5. Bulls by Maria Bayardo at The Sculpture Park
    £65,000 + VAT
    Bulls by Maria Bayardo, Corten Steel Learn More
  6. Stud by Jill Tweed
    £10,800 + VAT
    Jill Tweed, Stud, Bronze Learn More
  7. Tuppin Ram by Geraldine Knight
    Tuppin Ram by Geraldine Knight, Bronze Learn More
  8. The Massive Moth Immobiliser by Nigel Williams
    The Massive Moth Immobiliser by Nigel Williams, Copper , Metal Learn More
  9. Blakeny by Selina Chadwick at The Sculpture Park
    Blakeny by Selina Chadwick, Stone Learn More
  10. Hare on Shovel by Harriet Mead
    Harriet Mead, Hare on Shovel, Found Steel Objects Learn More
  11. Buffalo Tuna by Antanas Brazdys
    Buffalo Tuna by Antanas Brazdys, Steel Learn More
  12. Wise Owl by D Garadi at The Sculpture Park
    £650 + VAT
    Wise Owl by D Garadi, Springstone Learn More
  13. Dormouse by Marjan Wouda at The Sculpture Park
    £22,000 + VAT
    Dormouse, Bronze Learn More
  14. Iguanas on Tree by Anon Unknown at The Sculpture Park
    Iguanas on Tree by Anon Unknown, Wood Learn More
  15. Samson Slays the Lion by Richard Minns at The Sculpture Park
    Samson Slays the Lion by Richard Minns, Bronze, Steel Learn More
  16. A Barn Owl by David Cooke
    David Cooke, A Barn Owl, Stoneware Learn More
  17. Buzzard by John Cox
    £1,440 + VAT
    John Cox, Buzzard, Bronze Learn More
  18. Giant Crab by Marjan Wouda
    Marjan Wouda, Giant Crab, Bronze Learn More
  19. Bull Rider 1981 by Sean Crampton
    Bull Rider 1981 by Sean Crampton, Bronze , Metal Learn More
  20. Albatross Project at The Sculpture Park
    Albatross Project (lines detachable), Ceramic Learn More

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