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Andrew Sinclair

Andrew Sinclair MRBS is recognised as a master of world-class figurative sculpture.

His superb sense of design and composition is renowned - he captures the essence of his subjects in every commission. His sculptures are unique in their highly skilled attention to detail. This aspect of his work makes them resonate with life, adding a quality of realism rarely seen in contemporary sculpture today. His characteristic technique of sculpting some elements in high detail, then blurring others through his loose application of clay strokes has the effect of a camera lens zooming into focus, highlighting important features and drawing the viewer further in to discover more.

He was honoured to be awarded the commission for the Duke of Wellington’s Regimental Memorial Sculpture, which was unveiled by the Duke of Wellington in Halifax on Friday 17th May to great applause from the thousand-strong crowd. Andrew is delighted and proud to be part of ‘The Dukes’ history.

Celebrating the 300-year history of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, this important monument tells the Regiment’s story through the characters, symbols and motifs depicted within its unusual, ground-breaking design. The dynamic placement of the main figures and the narrative elements of the sculpture are designed to draw the viewer into the sculpture, creating a ‘wow’ factor that resonates on many levels.

As a military sculpture it is a revolutionary design, telling the Regiment’s history as a sculptural story weaving throughout the bronze – there is no front or back, simply the entire story in the round. There is something for everyone: military precision in the uniform details; historical facts; emotional connection to the soldiers, their families, the regiment and its place in Halifax, Calderdale, the West Riding – Yorkshire. On artistic merit alone, this sculpture is exceptional in Andrew Sinclair’s beautifully seen, realistic figures and portraits – with dynamic curves and movement evident in each figure, the soldiers’ faces evocative of strength, determination and solid British reliability.

Andrew’s other recent public commission, a life-size bronze sculpture of David Bowie for Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, was unveiled on 25th March 2018 to great acclaim. The world’s first David Bowie tribute sculpture tells the story of Bowie’s life and features two life-size figures, as Ziggy Stardust and a more mature standing figure of Bowie, with a background bas-relief depicting 13 portraits of his many personas throughout his career – it is a ground breaking example of Contemporary Realist Sculpture.

Working to commission during his 25 year professional career, Andrew’s sculptures are in collections across the globe and his impressive catalogue of work graces distinguished historical properties and public places such as the Royal Box at Ascot and Crosby Hall (Sir Thomas More’s old palace) in London.

Throughout his career, Andrew’s inventive mind and creative problem-solving approach is evident in his innovative product (Plastishim) which has become an industry standard in bronze foundries and the film business; his ground-breaking Sinclair Method of sculpture is revolutionising the practice and teaching of sculpture and acts as a powerful source of knowledge, enabling students searching for excellence to become professional masters of their art.

His first book The Art of Earth & Fire was published in July 2017 and is the first book in over 100 years to explain sculpture skills in an innovative and comprehensive format. The impact of his sculptural approach completely transforms the building and creation of Contemporary Realist sculpture.

Andrew is the co-founder of The Sculpture School, which attracts students from around the world to learn from this master sculptor. 10% of The Sculpture School’s students are international and 90% of their students return for further courses.

Andrew was born and educated in Poole, Dorset and following many years of running his sculpture business in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, he re-located to Devon with his partner Diane Coates in 2014. They have recently built a bespoke school studio for The Sculpture School next to Andrew’s sculpture studio and workshop in Bondleigh, just north of Dartmoor National Park.

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  1. Pre-Hysteric by Andrew Sinclair
    This 11-foot, bronze resin, surreal creation depicts a nude rider aboard a dinosaur. And what inspired this fantasy piece? In the artists words: ‘Sadly or gladly, I never grew out of my fascination for dinosaurs and promised myself that one day I would sculpt one. During a brief respite in my usual busy routine I realized this ambition and sculpted a rather obscure dinosaur called a Struthiomimus; a very gracile and elegant creature that is popularly known as an ‘Ostrich mimic’. Having sculpted the extinct creature came the question of “What to do with it now?” After some thought the bizarre idea of putting a lady riding upon it, in a sense of panic, came to mind. It makes a very strange, humorous and surreal sculpture. The technical aspect of actually making the sculpture stand is considerable, as the supporting leg is so thin but it is this that helps make the sculpture so full of movement.’ Learn More
  2. Moodius Centaurus by Andrew Sinclair at The Sculpture Park
    Moodius Centaurus by Andrew Sinclair, Bronze Resin Learn More
  3. Pre-Hysteric by Andrew Sinclair
    Andrew Sinclair, Born 1961, Pre-Hysteric, Bronze on Stone Plinth, Signed , 183cm high, Learn More
  4. CONDOTTIERE by Andrew Sinclair
    Mixed mediums Learn More
  5. The Minotaur by Andrew Sinclair at The Sculpture Park
    The magnificent design was originally commissioned by the late great poet Felix Dennis, in 2012. The original now stands in bronze at Felix Dennis's memorial garden The Garden Of Heroes and Villains. You could own this bronze resin sculpture of the ancient Greek monster, half-man and half-bull, featuring all the detail and character of the original. This inviting, mythical creature makes a statement and would look wonderful in a home, garden or labyrinth, enticing visitors to enter - if they dare! Learn More

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